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Web or not to web

Dating on an online dating site or meeting a person while you’re out socializing with friends? Which would you prefer?

 Personally, I would rather meet a person while out socializing. 94 more words

Matter Fatual Dating Tips

POET, PLAYWRIGHT AND AUTHOR, Joyce Carol Thomas died

Joyce Carol Thomas was one of nine children born into a cotton-picking family in rural Oklahoma. She died last month on the 16th in Berkeley, California. 310 more words



Secrets and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you THINK your slick ass is, you WILL GET CAUGHT! Believe that!




Writing Challenge 2016

When the Barnes and Nobles, next to my job, was still open, I had ventured inside for the sake of indulging in the smell and feel of a bookstore. 766 more words


The First Draft

One of the reasons that I haven’t completed a piece, to date, has been because I do this thing where I try to write my final draft as my first draft. 778 more words


What it do boo's?

If you have a child and you are not with the father or mother but you’re co-parenting, I feel that it’s only right to introduce your new man/woman to that child’s father/mother. 150 more words

Matter Fatual Dating Tips

It's Spring!!!

Spring is here!
Okay, it’s not, but with it under 12 days away, it might as well be. Already, I’m seeing the Easter decorations everywhere. I’m watching as some people gather up Easter eggs and baskets and piles of candy and little trinkets, while others peruse the premade baskets deciding which one is ideal for their child. 587 more words