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Love concurs it all

They say that love concurs it all during problems within the relationship. Is that true? Yes it is. Even though the relationship may fall apart, each party in the relationship has to love themselves enough to move forward with the relationship or remove themselves from the relationship. 14 more words

The Real Question

Do you write because you love writing or do you do it for the money and potential fame?

This has been a question that I’ve been asking myself since first publishing “ 377 more words


Not That Good of Friends

I am now a second-time published author!!! Yay!!!

My latest work entitled “Not That Good of Friends” is now available for purchase on Amazon. You can purchase it at the link below: 64 more words


Facebook trolls

Hey guys, I’m keeping this short and to the point. Actuallt this post is manly for the fella’s, because they are the MAIN one’s guilty of doing this. 203 more words

And Another One...

So tonight I will be putting the finishing touches on my latest piece for publication and making it public for the masses. Currently, I’m stuck trying to figure out cover design, which is proving to be the hardest part of these ventures. 18 more words


Men, plse don't do it

What’s up ya’ll?  hope the day is going good for ya’. And I also hope you do a review on my novel Foolish At Forty, if you had the chance to get it for free:) 233 more words

Book review

Hey guys if you get the opportunity to download a free copy of my newest book Foolish At Forty, plse be so kind to rate it on Amazon. 9 more words