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Who's Yo daddy?

Who’s yo daddy?

Not yo’ mf ass! I hate it when a female calls her man “daddy”. He aint cha damn daddy. And the way some of them say the word makes it sound even worse. 164 more words

Sweet, short, and simple advise!

Look here ladies and gents….what EVER you do, plse don’t be a damn fool for love!!! Don’t waste your time or energy on a person who is NOT interested in you! 42 more words

Do what na'?

Have ya’ll ever had somebody who has tried for years to get at you and you just aint feeling they ass? Well I have. It’s happing to me as I type in this damn blog. 559 more words

Matter Fatual Dating Tips


I am a writer.

But I’m not a writer for show, although, nothing would bring me greater pleasure than writing a full length novel and having people clamor to it and rave about how good it is. 584 more words



Wrote this one in Chicago during the blizzard. Though treacherous, the night still loaned me a good one; all the way to the 5AM train to the hotel. Enjoy, Dear Readers​!


Decay: An Excerpt

I wrote this about my mother. She used to frequent a drug house down the street from our house when I was a child, this is what I remember. 808 more words