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Same sex relationships

Hey ya’ll what’s up? I’m gonna touch on same sex relationships real quick, just for a min. I have a friend who’s bi-sexual, but he prefers guys. 172 more words

The End of October

October is rapidly coming to an end and in less than a week Nanowrimo begins. My goals for October remain unmet and the overwhelming feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day still remains. 1,003 more words


I'm Back!

Hey ya’ll, whats been cracking? I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy as hell lately. I hope all is well with you guys. 157 more words

Rules for Dating as a Single Mom

If it’s one thing I’ve learned about life, it’s that there is no manual. The booklet you were supposed to receive with all the instructions that you would ever need, never got made. 723 more words


Free book giveaway!

Hello all,

my newest urban novel Foolish At Forty will be giving away on goodreads starting tomorrow September 8th, and it will run until the 16th of September. 23 more words

It Time to Get Serious...Again

When I first started this blog, all those months ago, my primary goal was to get myself to write. I wanted this blog to the journal to my ambitions. 312 more words


Love concurs it all

They say that love concurs it all during problems within the relationship. Is that true? Yes it is. Even though the relationship may fall apart, each party in the relationship has to love themselves enough to move forward with the relationship or remove themselves from the relationship. 14 more words