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Commitment Road

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“Make a commitment. Be committed to self. Once you can accomplish this, you can commit to another. A long lasting sacrifice produces everlasting strength. 28 more words

Say Something Anew

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“Say something. Don’t just say anything. Think before you speak. Because your words will either break hearts or mend them. Your words will either degrade or uplift. 42 more words

Ice Soul

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“To make people believe…you live a life, live out a dream, or a total lie. But for some reason, I feel like I’ve awakened to a generation of liars. 48 more words

Good Morning...umbrellas are needed

Good morning, you guys. I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their morning. Do we remember what happened yesterday? Was it good or bad? 46 more words

Where passions are kept

Every now and then I’d get these little sparks that ignite furious wildfires in my mind reminding me of my initial passions of my current life choices. 178 more words

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