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"Bad Feminist": A Lesson in Discomfort

Reading Bad Feminist made me feel the same way I used to after leaving my Fictions of Black Identity class in college. I spent the first two classes speaking up, as I usually did in small seminars, and then stewing with this nauseating feeling of discomfort knotting in my stomach. 939 more words

A talk with Sharon

Yesterday I walked my kids to the park to play for a bit before sunset. There was this lady there, that some would label her mentally ill. 229 more words

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Proposed Timeline

1: FORMS & CRAFT – PROSE. Andrew Zawacki. Essay. Written Work: 1/23/17.

2: AFRICAN-AMERICAN. Ed Pavlic. Essay.  Written Work: 2/20/17.

3: WORLD/VICTORIAN. Tricia Lootens. Teaching Portfolio. 13 more words

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Shall We Gather at the River?: Gullah Voices and Echoes

“My tale begins just before the rising of the sun…Dayclean, we call this, when the day is new and the world is made fresh again.” 904 more words


hard decisions

One of the hardest things to do is to teach our people the difference between an actual fact and opinion. You can not  accept and reject truth based on how you fell about it.. 23 more words

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What got me thinking in July

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, which is a shame. I love keeping everyone abreast of the things that I’ve been reading around the web, because it gives you a bit of insight into the person I am outside of my book reviewing.  785 more words

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ARTICLE: Ginzberg on Women's History, Mainstreams and Cutting Edges

Lori D. Ginzberg, “Mainstreams and Cutting Edges.” Journal of the Early Republic 36, no. 2 (2016): 319–25. doi:10.1353/jer.2016.0020.

Ginzberg writes: 218 more words