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De-Re-Programming Black Otherness

I’m quite the fan of prefaces. I believe in addressing potential barriers readers might encounter as they read my writing early on so that, hopefully, they can travel through my muddy, messy, sometimes controversial thoughts fluidly and without a judgy side-eye. 1,293 more words


Little Black Girl Cries

And something swelled up inside me. And looking at my White boyfriend, I felt bitter. That thick bitterness that slides up and over the tongue like mucus. 1,336 more words

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Taraji P.Henson and Mary J. Blige Walks to Hollywood

Disclaimer: I do not own this photo

Congratulations are in order to mega actress Taraji P. Hensen and legendary queen of hip hop and r&b singer Mary J. 19 more words


Civil Unrest in America

There’s a spirit moving through America – a spirit of frustration and angst. We’ve been lied to for too long. We’ve accepted the status quo for too long and we’re tired. 284 more words


Jesus and the Nazis

So much turmoil is coursing through the soul of the nation.

Since the events that took place in Ferguson, MO, I have been at pains to find out what the Church’s response should be. 992 more words

“Gook”: The not-so-black-and-white race dynamics of LA riots

The recent tragic events of Charlottesville, where white supremacists and neo-Nazis descended onto the University of Virginia, inciting hate speech that would eventually lead to the killing of Heather Heyer, the death of two police officers, and the injury of dozens of others, show us that the topic of race relations and racism is an ever-present contentious theme in the United States of America. 1,324 more words

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My thoughts and prayers are with the people in Charlottesville and Barcelona.

May peace come upon us all.