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My Amazing Journey Continues ...

My writing journey has been the most challenging endeavor with trial and error. And I must give credit to “The Village!” So many people that God placed in my life to help me on this journey. 286 more words

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"AHHH! What life teaches!"

As a child, I was taught the most important things if life were God, family and church, also, respecting your elders. I considered myself a fairly decent, obedient, God fearing and level headed girl, until I reached my sixteenth birthday and a high-school senior. 142 more words

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Meet the Author on September 10, 2016

Julie Nix Remarkable woman and a great book

Casandria Hilliard Yes, I really enjoyed reading this book. It has a lot of life learning lessons. 71 more words

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My Amazing Journey

It was 2010 when the first copy of my book titled, NO BLOOD IN THE TURNIP: Memoirs of a Codependent, was printed. An ex-coworker called and she said, “Maple, I didn’t know you could write a book!” I laughingly said, “I didn’t either!” Becoming a writer wasn’t even on my radar. 489 more words

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Being Black and Blue

Police Chief Kenton Buckner of Little Rock is a sincere man who cares about the communities he’s charged with protecting. He attends community panels. He works to make sure Little Rock has crisis responses groups where, in the event of an upsetting public event, key stakeholders in the city are on call to calm tensions and keep peace. 813 more words


A Little History Lesson on Vacation

I had the pleasure of visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum last weekend in Kansas City. Here are a few highlights of the visit (I had to sneak these pics because I saw a sign that said no cameras lol!)


Is Hillary Clinton a bigot? Is Donald Trump a racist? Are those the biggest issues facing us?

Donald Trump has branded Hillary Clinton a bigot, and Clinton says Trump is a racist. They both have produced adds to support their points, but are these the two biggest issues facing us or all of us being punked? 49 more words

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