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Obama backs protests over 'deeply disturbing' Laquan McDonald shooting - Zach Stafford in Chicago and Joanna Walters in New York Wednesday 25 November 2015 20.28 EST

President’s comments chime with Hillary Clinton’s lament for ‘loss of so many young African Americans’ as Chicago braces for more demonstrations

President Obama has said he was “deeply disturbed by the footage of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald”  316 more words

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Mellroz Uncutt: Uncensored, Uncut, and Hilarious.

Have you ever laughed so hard you begged the person to stop talking. Those moments when your stomach is cramped, head begins to hurt, and tears won’t stop flowing down your cheeks are what comedians live to do. 66 more words

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What About Us: The Struggles of Black Youth.

So often the voices of the youth are silenced by adults who feel they have the answer. In order for us to understand the obstacles our youth face we (adults) must first open ourselves up to hear them. 93 more words

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GET OFF THE BLOCK: A Talk with Social Entrepreneurs Greg Rogers and Javar Fulton

It is no shock that the Black community is in need of an overhaul. Exhausted by the circumstances they face, many have given up and accepted what they feel to be insurmountable odds. 155 more words

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The Need For Consciousness

For every person of color, there comes a decision to embrace your identity/heritage or remain naive to the systems in our American society that work against us.   421 more words

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