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Treat Your Textured Locks with Head & Shoulders Moisture Care

If your hair is dry and looking for revitalization, Head & Shoulders has a new line of products for textured hair, including co-wash conditioner, 2in1 shampoo and conditioner, and moisture care scalp soother. 376 more words


Liberatarians Shown Once Again to be a White Boy Bigot Club

h/t susanthebruce

Two police brutality surveillance and reporting groups have officially distanced themselves from the libertarian-based Cop Block.  Reported by the Austin based Peaceful Streets Project, the groups say that they find the bigotry and overwhelming white male privilege among Cop Block leadership to be problematic and unresolvable. 1,542 more words

Undoing Racism


Pinned. At first I thought it meant “pinned” as in Pintrest, but it actually means 2 things:

a) Wrestling (well, at least RELATED to wrestling) 335 more words

Heart Risk Factors May Affect Black Women More Than White Women

By Nancy Shute

African-American women can be at risk of heart disease even if they don’t have metabolic syndrome, a study finds.

That’s a problem, because the current thinking is that metabolic syndrome — defined as high triglycerides, bad cholesterol, abdominal fat, high blood pressure and impaired glucose metabolism — is the big risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. 150 more words

News From The Soul Brother

Young Black Boys Committing Suicide at Rates Higher Than Ever

By Kali Holloway

Researchers have found that between 1993 and 2012, the suicide rate for very young black children, between the ages of 5 and 11, nearly doubled. 200 more words

News From The Soul Brother

On Interior Spaces: A Place To Write

Remember when I said I work more productively when I plan, well I also work better when I have a quiet, clean, efficient space to create, pay bills, or think. 108 more words

Black Women