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Letter to Edmund

Hi grandpa, how are you? I hope you are well and doing better than you did here in this earthly life. 2,131 more words

African Diaspora

Welcome to Black Space L.A.

I started Black Space L.A. for a number of reasons. Primarily, I felt the need to have a safe space to discuss issues of race with people who are the most affected by racism in this country – Africans, African-Americans, and their descendants. 228 more words

Black People

Dreams and Goals

I have dreams and goals and I want to accomplish my dreams and goals before I die.. I won’t let anyone stop me from becoming who I am meant to be. 154 more words

African American

The Afrolatina Show - Ep. 02 #afrolatinashow

This week on The Afrolatina Show (Ep. 02) we talk about people fearing what they do not understand, different cultures and religious beliefs. I am thinking about this idea of having to hide our religions. 39 more words


Introducing: Kayla Zapata Fory

Kayla is a native Californian of Afro-Colombian roots with family on four continents and cousins seemingly everywhere. Her passion for travel started after an amazing summer study abroad to Havana, Cuba. 152 more words

Travel Latina

What a mess.

We are 99 days to go until our wedding day. We are looking at each other, looking around at the apartment; at the dishes that have become one with the sink; the jackets that look they must have come attached to the dining chairs; the bills and miscellaneous papers strewn across the carpet cum second-job-office; basically, looking at our lives and thinking, “ 467 more words

African Diaspora