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Please take my children!

Meet Blessing. While I was in the US earlier this year a few of our missionaries on the ground stumbled onto a brothel in the town. 757 more words


We provide support With our partner - Bread and Water for Africa

With our partner – Bread and Water for Africa® we support the efforts in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Our aim is thus simple – providing education and vocational training for African men, women, and children. 168 more words

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It is all about the Development of Africa with us

Bread and Water for Africa® promotes positive change in Africa.

After all it is all about the Development of Africa and we do this by supporting and strengthening grassroots initiatives for community self-sufficiency, health and education. 207 more words

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African Students Keen On Starting Career At Home, Not Abroad

African nations has been striving hard to boost their economy by undertaking a number of measures and one of the primary means to achieve economic development is by improving the state of education in the continent. 589 more words


Math-Anxious Parents

                By Vic Odarve

“Math is difficult. I could not get along very well with numbers. Just a set of equations and worded problems got me nervous and frightened”, exclaimed one of the parents whose daughter was at university studying engineering course. 435 more words


Top Five(5) Performers MEC 232-Strength of Materials

Top Five (5) Performers  MEC 232-Strength of Materials

Second Semester 2014-2015

Below are the top 5 performers of Strength of Materials for the Second Semester 2014-2015 of Madonna University, Elele Campus, River State, Nigeria. 69 more words


How to Develop Student's Math Skills?

                                   By Vic Odarve

Like a game of chess, math involves analyses, deep understanding, and practice. Analyzing every steps as to why it is necessary is very critical in math calculations. 407 more words