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What is intelligence for an African?

What is intelligence for an African?

The 21st century African evaluates what it means to be an intelligent African. Intelligence is certainly a subjective concept and many have accepted that to be true. 485 more words

African Education

Education Is Important: How Africa Is Making Progress In Offering Quality Education

Recently African leaders met at the Sub-Saharan African Education Conference in Kigali to talk about their combined vision regarding education for 2015 and beyond. The conference was planned by… 586 more words


What in life is a guarantee?

“What in life is a guarantee?”

The development of civilisations is characterized by several factors and one of the most important ones is regarding predictability of events. 504 more words


Radio Stations Broadcast Lessons To Sierra Leone Kids Still Out Of School Due To Ebola

Classrooms are empty in Sierra Leone, but education hasn’t ground to a halt.

School has yet to resume after last year’s summer break in the West African country due to the rapid spread of Ebola throughout 2014. 43 more words


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The Africa educational system, has been in it’s worst for some decades now.

The main reasons for the
educational failure in Africa is oweing to inadequate funding of the… 344 more words


We Shall Raise Our Voices

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with my fiance. We were talking about history and who writes it, about movements and who starts them, about know facts and who spread them. 503 more words