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1: Chicken Suya Skewers

This is an easy recipe and a perfect snack, side, entrée or meat option at meal times. With minimal oil and averaging at an estimated 325 calories per serving (2-3 skewers) this chicken suya skewers recipe is  fitfam friendly, carb-free and packed full of flavour. 243 more words


Suya - 10 Ways!

I was wondering what would be the perfect way to start this blog for a couple of days… then my husband suggested it to me one evening  “Suya!” 138 more words


Taste of South Africa

I’ve never tasted South Africa food before so I was looking forward to getting stuck in. South Africa is one of the top tourist destinations on the African continent so they must make good food right? 256 more words

African Food

Meal of the week No.18: Walia Ibex

A lively FB discussion – inspired by a fellow blogger’s story about a Seddon institution and concerning the pros and cons of various Footscray African eateries – has me very much in the mood for injera and the stuff that goes with it. 285 more words


From the travel journal of Shelby:

“Africa is a lot dirtier then I expected; granted we were in the ghetto part of town. I mean it’s hot, and stinky and I’ve only had about three hours sleep in the past twenty-four hours, but I love this.

48 more words

African Fuil @ African Taste, Seddon

When I was forced onto a gluten and dairy free diet, by far my greatest food-grief was for African Taste’s Fufu (gnocchi), and the African Enchilada. 614 more words


Muamba de galina (Angolan chicken stew) with funge

Muamba de galina is a flavoursome chicken and vegetable stew from Angola, and another foray into the world of African cuisine.

This rich and spicy dish is traditionally served with corn funge – a stiff porridge similar to polenta. 300 more words