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Spicy Djangsang ( Jansa) Sauce w/ rice

Cooking alongside my mother as a young gal and cooking with mother as a woman. Cooking for a big family of ten or more, cooking for four. 659 more words



Peppersoup is a West African delicacy which is made of nutmeg and chili pepper. As named, peppersoup is very peppery and goes well with a cold bottle of beer or soft drink. 27 more words

African Food

Got Pumpkin? Make Nhopi! (RECIPE)

It is officially pumpkin season in North America so I am making one of my absolute favorite comfort foods. This is a great snack or side dish that is also Vegan friendly!!


Ike Onwubuya

Palm Fruit Soup (Banga)

Popular in the south-south region of Nigeria. The herbs and spices differ with each ethnic group.The soup is identified as Banga by the Edo and Delta people,Abak for Ibibios and Ofa Oku for the Igbos.

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Maafe, (groundnut soup)

Maafe –aka groundnut soup, to most West Africans,  an all time- time favorite African soup, Made from lamb, beef, chicken, or without meat, maafe is cooked with a sauce based on groundnuts, especially peanut butter/paste, and tomatoes.

African Food

Fast Food In Africa…An African Dietitian’s Perspective

Multinational food companies are rapidly expanding their franchises across the African continent. As a dietitian, I worry about the rise of chronic diseases often associated with diets high in processed, fried foods and sugary beverages similar to those served in such institution. 22 more words

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