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February Food For Thought

It’s February and it feels like 2017 is only just starting for me. I know you must be thinking, “…how dare she post this when the month is almost over?!” At least I don’t have the guts to say, Happy Valentines’s day! 633 more words


Beef Suya 

Suya,Suya!! What is Suya ? Some are wondering. Suya is a type of spicy meat on a skewer . Most people use beef or chicken to make Suya. 270 more words

How to prepare the glorious Efo riro

“Efo riro” like the Yorubas call it, it is a rich vegetable soup that is native of the Yorubas of western Nigeria. Many of the Yoruba owambe party dishes is not complete without the efo riro. 472 more words


Cassava Milk Porridge

Cassava, also referred to as yucca, is a root vegetable that is used to make fufu or farina in Africa and other parts of the world. 197 more words


Nigerian roasted chicken receipe

Grilled chicken is one of the popular Nigerian foods. It is very easy to prepare and it is delicious.

African Food

Coconut Jollof 

Jollof with a hint of coconut is amazing. This recipe is my everyday go to method to making coconut jollof.


1 can of coconut milk… 252 more words

Isitshwala ...

I am craving some comfort food so here goes…

Serves two


  • 100g  of white maize meal
  • 50mls  of boiled water
  • 50mls of cold water…
  • 176 more words