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The rice is great, of course

Somali Dish, 264 Racecourse Road.

When it comes time – in about a week or so – to collate the now traditional round-up of this year’s CTS highlights, there’s no doubt the Somalian food of Racecourse Road will be right at the top of the list. 278 more words


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Le Nil Bleu

I’ve walked past Le Nil Bleu on rue Saint Denis so many times without realizing what a delightful space laid in wait. When it dawned on me that they serve Ethiopian cuisine, I knew I’d find many vegan delights, but I was not anticipating such an inviting and intimate setting. 127 more words

CTS v Uber: And the winner is …

Ethiopian feast from Ras Dashen.

As is clear from even the most cursory look at the CTS archives, we much prefer hitting the road and eating out to eating in, cooking or having food delivered. 593 more words


Garri With Groundnut (West Africa)

A bowl of cereal has nothing on this! Just add garri, sugar, water, milk and ground nuts and you’ve prepared a simple, yet delicious snack. Garri, a staple in West African food, is Cassava root, dried and ground into a flour. 52 more words