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What makes chop plentii the best African fooddelivery platform?

There is something special about African cuisine that would it a popular choice among people. Weather you talk about the aroma of the herbs or the flour of the spices blended with the freshness of ingredients African cuisine can bring be a mouth – watering surprise for anyone. 275 more words

Making African Food Abroad: Every African Woman's Dilemma

The african gastronomy is unrivaled, no questions about it. It is the inspiration behind many well known western dishes. There is a myriad of african recipes, in fact the african cuisine is so diverse that 365 days are not enough to present the motherland’s riches when it comes to food. 611 more words

African Food

Chef Mimi's Chakalaka - South Africa

As the temperature sinks in Johannesburg and the sun begins to set early, my Facebook newsfeed is flooded with bright and cheerful posts from the northern hemisphere. 713 more words

African Bites

Fufu & Chill

Watch how my 1st time cooking for my besties went down.

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Happy viewing!


First Attempts

This week has been full of firsts for me… This is the first time I embarked on any diet, the first time I made egg plant parmesan, lettuce wraps, and even quiche (not part of the diet). 212 more words


Sunday Rice

Hi Guys! Long time no post… my creative juices were drying up lol!

I couldn’t think of a better post for this beautiful Sunday afternoon… so today, we’ll be learning about the very special Sunday rice. 438 more words


Marula ice cream - southern Africa

You are probably more familiar with the Amarula liquor than the marula fruit. Legend has it that elephants sometimes get drunk eating the fermented fruits on the wild plains of southern Africa, although researchers have doubted the accuracy of such stories. 670 more words

African Bites