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African Food

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African Food

The Rendition of Gari Soakings

There was something mystical and satisfying about having gari soakings on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The sun glowed majestically as the birds sang, solemnly chirping away into the silent of the day. 655 more words


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Diversity is a very important part of everyone’s life. With the diverse experiences in every aspect of our lives, we grow a little every day, both physically as well assentimentally. 419 more words

African Food

Almond Banana Bread Pudding Pancakes

Esi loved the smell of fresh bread drifting through the house early in the mornings; especially the feel of it when touched. It was always soft as a pillow to the touch of ones hands and she loved the way the butter always melted and seemed to slide off when it was applied to the bread. 592 more words


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African Food