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Ephraim Isaac's Presentation on The Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahido Church

The Library of Congress presented Ephraim Isaac, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University discussing his newly published book: THE ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX TӒWAHΪDO CHURCH

“Not only are there strong Biblical Hebraic elements in the theology, political theory, and liturgical calendar of the Ethiopian Church but there is also a strong influence from Beta Israel and Ethiopian Jews. 33 more words


In What World Is A Female Lead Not Invited to Speak on DVD Commentary?

I’m not sure if any of you watch Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, but I was a fan of the first season (Season Two is saved on my parent’s PVR). 264 more words

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Buhari: A Dream or a Mirage?

In India there is a spiritual river called Ganges, for centuries, the Indians believe as soon as you have taken a bath with the waters of River Ganges all your sins would be forgiven, and you can start a new life, even prostitutes think they can be virgins again, it is all in the minds. 1,400 more words

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Enyem unu nzu ta… No response? Ah, the children of these days have forgotten all the old ways. But this is not a tale where I lament about our collective amnesia towards our history, or even rant about the government tacit complicity in the raising of a forgetful, somewhat cultureless, almost-doomed-to-repeat-the-mistakes-of-the-past generation by removing History from the list of subjects to be taught in schools. 755 more words

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President Jonathan: The struggle to keep a job

In the book “The Vultures and the Vulnerable” this writer compared politics in Nigeria to a funny game of football without any time to end the game at all. 2,916 more words

Society And Culture

My Photo Journey: Visiting the Beginnings of the Slave Trade|Dakar, SENEGAL

My trip to Senegal was a life impacting experience.  I got the opportunity to experience the history of so many of our ancestors from the starting point… the shores of Africa.  166 more words


Today's Happy Birthday wishes: Ibn Battuta

Today happens to be the 711th birthday of Ibn Battuta, whose importance to history hasn’t been unfairly overlooked, in contrast to some other people we could mention… 657 more words