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Black History is World History!!!

Below is a pdf file with many great web links for teaching and learning about African history.  Everyone, let’s please make sure we keep ourselves knowledgeable, year-round, of the contributions made by the African diaspora throughout the ages.  35 more words

Instructional Technolgy

Dahabo, The Life Of A Somali Nomad. By Nimo M Shire

Dahabo,  is one of the books for sale in the bookshop. The big difference with this one is it was edited by me with my other hat on as a… 52 more words

Online Igbo language, history and culture course

This year Okwu ID are launching a pilot Online Igbo language, history and culture course.

The course is aimed at those with limited availability who want to either learn Igbo or improve their Igbo language skills. 203 more words


The Road to Rebellion- Zanj Rebellion

To start off, I wish all a happy and prosperous new year to those who read and take an interest in our blog. My first post of 2018 will look at the enslaved Zanj peoples of East Africa and reasons as to how rebellion ensued from 869 to 883 AD. 630 more words

Early Middle Ages

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Review

I read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe in highschool, I was 15. So that is just about 15 years ago.  So when I was completing one of the 2017 book challenges that I joined with some friends, I knew I had to read it again. 480 more words


December 29, 1895 If

It was the 9th of February, 1853, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Robert William Jameson went for a walk, while his wife and mother of his 11 children, a woman with the unlikely name of Christian Pringle, labored to deliver their 12th child. 733 more words

December 27, 1865  Confederados

Most of us grew up learning that 600,000+ Americans were killed in the Civil War.  618,222 to be precise, more than the combined totals of every conflict in which the United States has been involved, from the Revolution to the War on Terror.  776 more words