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Amo Anton Wilhelm --> A Philosoph from Ghana

Around 1703 – Around 1759

At the dawn of the XVIII century, Amo, a little child from Ghana, is offered as a¬†gift to 2 gentlefolks living in Amsterdam: the Duke… 501 more words

History & Culture

American Roots: Annapolis and the African Slave Trade

While visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins in Maryland this past week, we took a day trip to Annapolis, a port town on the Chesapeake Bay that serves as the capitol of Maryland. 473 more words

Paul Robeson: On colonialism, African-American rights (Spotlight, ABC,1960)

I had the privilege of attending theLegatum Institute’s 2015 Africa Prosperity Summit, held from May 20-21, in Tanzania.
The summit comes at a time of great momentum in Africa. 36 more words

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Slavery in West Africa: Review of Abina and the Important Men

Parker Beemer, Wilfrid Laurier University

Historiography has been dominated by researchers gathering information on a particular topic, critically analyzing the material and then presenting their arguments in the form of an article or book. 689 more words


Abraham Petrovitch Hanibal --> General Chief of the Russian Imperial Army

1696 -14 mai 1781

At dawn of the eighteenth century, in Cameroon, an African child of seven years is caught in an Arab-Ottoman raid and taken to Istanbul, to the… 462 more words

Black History

Learning the Truth About Our Heritage

In light of the recently celebrated Africa Day this past Monday, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts around the African continent. This is a place that I am truly passionate about and that I love. 1,037 more words


Not Out of Africa

I picked up a copy of Mary Lefkowitz’s Not Out of Africa on a whim, because it was on Pioneer Book’s “Top 100″ shelf. It looked like the kind of book I would appreciate more than most people, because it’s a study of African history. 579 more words

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