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10th Annual African Landing Day

Tata Oben Tiku, left, holds the shoulders of Chief Asam Asam Eyong, kisses the ground during a “Pilgrimage Prayer” during the 10th Annual African Landing Day Commemoration held on Fort Monroe in Hampton. 31 more words

Daily Press Photographers

Queen Sobekneferu

One could be fooled into believing that women have no real place in history and so it is always important to bring to light important women. 203 more words


The Shah, Saddam Hussein, and Houari Boumediene Meet for the Algiers Agreement (1975)

Algeria had with the Algiers Agreement of 1975 prevented war from breaking out between Iraq and Iran. Border disputes and Kurdish conflict had brought the two nations on a collision course. 183 more words

20th Century

On Chancellor Williams's "Destruction of Black Civilization"

The late Chancellor Williams was no slouch when it came to researching African history. As he himself states near the beginning of his book, “(R)esearching African history is more tedious, laborious, and time-consuming than is true in other unsuppressed fields.” He is certainly right about that. 1,347 more words


Oshun also sometimes spelled Osun is the African goddess of beauty, love, prosperity, order, dance and  fertility. In the Yoruba spirituality Osun is often associated with the color yellow, peacock feathers, mirrors,  beauty and things that taste very sweet. 103 more words

Robert Mugabe on Rhodesia (1960s)

This is an Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news clips discussing the state of Southern Africa. Zimbabwe was under white minority rule and still faced colonial domination. A young Robert Mugabe appears in the report explaining his objections to racialism and segregation. 115 more words

20th Century

Ousmane Sembène: the revolution in his portrayal of Afrika through film

“Europeans and Arabs have nothing to teach us about morality”- Ousmane Sembène

Many times we talk about how art is political. Increasingly in the past ten years, there has been talk about representation and its importance. 1,330 more words