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On reparations, British PM adds insult to injury


When people owe you money and are not willing to pay for what they so eagerly took from you, it is a short distance for them to make the person owed into some kind of unworthy individual. 120 more words


Deir Sultan, Ethiopia and the Black World

By Negussay Ayele

Background to Deir Sultan at a glance

Unknown by much of the world, monks and nuns of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, have for centuries quietly maintained the only presence by black people in one of Christianity’s holiest sites—the Church of the Holy Sepulcher of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. 5,271 more words


Rethinking Rights: Did Lincoln's Emancipation Decree put back American Civil Rights by 100 years?

In this, the 150th year commemorating the end of the American Civil War, and as we approach the 5th November, when the last active Confederate force – the commerce raider CSS… 1,018 more words

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Three things every black man must know!

The black man is the original man.
The black man brought civilisation to the world.
The black man is by definition, by his very nature, masculine and alpha.

Europe can learn a lot from a black man.

The black man adores the black woman contrary to what is perceived. We shouldn’t entertain this idea about black men ‘don’t like or date black women’. 624 more words