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by L.C. “Elsee” Redman

 It appears that because of the European “land grab” in Africa, the rich ancient history was suppressed.  When archaeology is suppressed, new invaders can claim that no one before them owned the land.

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Rare Qaddafi interview from 1969

This is an interview of Muammar Qaddafi from 1969. The twenty seven year old coronal had come to power in a bloodless coup against King Idris. 138 more words

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Some features of the African Union (AU)

At its worst the Organisation of African Union (OAU) – which prefigured the African Union’s formation in 2001 – was accurately disparaged as ‘a dictator’s club’. 873 more words


Doing Dangerously Well - A Scary/Funny Novel about Water, Corruption and International Interference in Nigeria


This is a great book! For no particular reason except my obsessive alphabetical-by-author selection process, I recently picked up and devoured Carole Enahoro’s 2010 over-the-top novel… 279 more words


Sacred stories of the Orishas

I did a previous blog introducing the worship and culture of Orishas. I noted that I would be going through some of the stories of the Orishas. 1,074 more words


Dr John Hope Franklin on meeting Dr W E B Du Bois

John Hope Franklin (1915-2009) was a pioneer in the study of African American history. His classic From Slavery to Freedom is still a standard for American history. 51 more words

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