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History;The Future Of Nigeria (2)

Subsequently to the article titled “History the future of Nigeria” (read here). A host of people requested we come up with a plan to stem the effect of this erasure on our collective consciousness as well as for the sake of future generations. 1,529 more words


Bertin Nahum: Robotic Surgical Equipment Inventor

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Black Mail Fast Facts: Bertin Nahum (1970-) a native of Benin, West Africa is the CEO of Medtech located in France which he founded in 2002. 109 more words

Black History

Knowledge, Tradition, and Domination: The Parallels of Colonial Discourse in “Development” Projects

“The effects of the theoretical work done by ‘development’ discourse on Lesotho are far- reaching. The constitution of Lesotho as a suitable theoretical object of analysis is also, and simultaneously, its constitution as a suitable target for intervention.” 3,268 more words

Columbia University

[VIDEO] Afrikan History...Pre-Slavery (for Beginners, like me)

When I first started looking into Ancient Afrikan History, quite frankly, I had no clue where to start. So I figured a basic google search of the term would get the ball rolling (and I was also very lucky to have a friend who is rich in knowledge and literature in this area, and in fact kindly lended me the book I’m currently reading on the topic). 79 more words

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Black Song: The Forge And The Flame

This book delves into the story of how Afro-American spiritual was hammered out. Author John Lovell, Jr. goes into great detail of how the African influence catapulted American folklore, and the origin of American popular music.   98 more words