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African History

October 20, 1952 Mau Mau

By the 1940s, the Kikuyu people of Kenya had been under British Colonial rule for nearly fifty years.  At this time, there were primarily three political blocs among Kenyan Africans.  784 more words

Thomas Sankara and the Burkinabé Revolution 1983-87 (by Daniel Nordström)

Thomas Isidore Sankara was born on December 21st, 1949, in Yako in the central part of the country Upper Volta. His father was a policeman and one of the handful of people during the time that was permitted to work for the colonial administration, which meant some personal benefits for Sankara when he grew up. 3,250 more words

African History

The Lydenburg Heads (400s - 700s CE)

These are the Lydenburg heads found in the Transvaal region in South Africa. They are terra-cotta works. Many artworks such as these have been found in the Southern African region and are artifacts from Bantu civilization dating from the fifth to eighth century. 142 more words


Bafaka Balue: A Brief History c.14th Century - 20th Century AD


Bafaka Balue is a Bantu village, perched on one of the peaks of the Rumpi Mountains, in the Ndian area of the former British Southern Cameroons. 1,286 more words


Black Mail Fast Fact: Coffee 1st Discovered In Ethiopia

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Coffee originated in Ethiopia! It was first discovered around the 10th or 11th century. It represents 60% of Ethiopia’s export revenue. Second only to oil, coffee is the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world. 83 more words

Black History