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Turquoise African Masai Beaded statement necklace,Masai Beaded Elegant African jewelry

Turquoise color represents serenity and splendor.This Elegant Turquoise Masai beaded necklace is a true celebration of the African culture and legacy.This African beaded necklace is a creative composition of Masai beads that are intricately placed side by side with a flair of recycled West African beads.The layers on this Turquoise necklace fall beautifully on ones bust.Summer is coming up and you need to add some glam to your wardrobe.Spoil yourself this summer.This African necklace is 20 inches long from the clasp to the last strand.The clasp has extra links to allow for adjustment of the length.It is made from hypo-allergenic material. 8 more words


Lukagwa pieces can be worn formally or informally.Our jewelry stands out because of its cultural aura and brightly colored beads.
Post a photo of you wearing one of pieces and tag us.You stand a chance to win a free accessory from Lukagwa. 9 more words

African Jewelry

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Every country has its own culture, and the culture and artwork from different countries are each unique in their own way. If you are interested in a particular area of the world, or you like a certain culture, it’s now possible to get artwork and crafts from that part of the world to display in your home or at your office. 202 more words

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Today you can find plenty of different great gifts out there, but what do you do when you want to find something that is both unique and interesting as a gift? 245 more words

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The Evolution of African Fashion - Midi Skirts

For sometime now, I have observed that each time I come across African inspired apparel,  my mind starts pondering. It ponders about the decisions that traditional African women took into account when having their clothing made in the not too distant past. 318 more words


Adinkra Waist Beads

Here’s a little story about the power of adinkra symbols.
About two years ago, a young woman came to visit me to purchase some waist beads. 165 more words

Waist Beads