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Who Are Our Aspiring African Leaders? Reflections on 21st Century Youth

As I reflect on the panel that I addressed at the 7th African Youth and Governance (AYC) Conference held at the Pan African Parliament…I was privileged to sit with 4 driven young Africans that are making a difference in the continent with 25 African Countries represented in the conference. 1,685 more words

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The Awesome Foursome: 4 African Women You Need To Know

These four African women have one thing in common. They serve or have served at some point, as Minister of Finance, which in my biased view, is the most important position in government, after President. 968 more words

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What I Learnt in 21 Days...

In 3 consecutive weeks I had the privilege of attending talks, workshops and conferences where amazing African female leaders from different industries were key note speakers. 663 more words

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The MasterCard Foundation and Restless Development looking for exceptional young leaders!

As part of The MasterCard Foundation’s on-going commitment to young people, the Foundation has partnered with Restless Development (Uganda) to continue the Youth Think Tank with a new group of committed young leaders. 442 more words

Woman, YOU are talent!

I have always believed there was more to me. Deep down inside, I knew that there was a purpose to all the madness, there was a reason for every season and that I was yet to make my mark. 1,113 more words

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Consider this as you decide on who to vote: Tanzania elections 2015

“Leadership” is a term that has inappropriately been thrown around as of recent years with the

misconception that those in positions of power are the ones that are Leaders. 539 more words


Amilcar Cabral (37) Quotes from Revolution in Guinea

Amilcar Cabral‘s 37 quotes appear at the end of this article. Therefore, if you are familiar with his work and accomplishments, please feel free to skip this introduction to the legend. 2,552 more words