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A Molested Society

My society is craving for war,
We are a divided lot; some feel they have been pushed, pinned against a grim wall,
Tribal slurs, machetes, guns and bombs all striking by the first sigh of the night to the opposing side, others feel neglected, enclosed and safe from all that’s happening out here. 280 more words


The Girl Comes Back With Fire In Her Chest || Three Poems By TITILOPE SONUGA

We at Kawe decided to share these powerful poems by Titilope Sonuga. The three poems here are dedicated to the Chibok Girls. In the poems she explores what these girls may have endured and other ways they have had to vanish in order to survive. 843 more words

If I Could Kill My Feelings... (A Novelette)

A novelette is just a really long, short story. And this particular one is romantic African science fiction. Here’s the PDF: If I Could Kill My Feelings. 604 more words

Intended As Lyrical Art

The sea 

I turned my back to the sea

but the wind’s whisper was kind

It warned of things I couldn’t see

like the great floods from behind

-Osalam Wosu



Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche (2013)
4th Estate, Great Britain (2017)

“She felt his words like a melody and she felt herself breathing unevenly, gulping at the air. 375 more words


Yvonne Vera: One of Zimbabwe’s Most Influential Post-Independence Writers

Going against the grain and writing in opposition to government or authority is a sort of character trait of most writers today. However, in countries where freedom of speech is not as free as it is here in America, this task can be daunting and tedious to a point where one’s ideas are never allowed the capacity to thrive. 1,070 more words


December plans: Abantu Book Festival

We are well into November and naturally December plans need to be finalized. In case you still don’t know what to do between the 7th and 10th of December here is one great idea. 109 more words