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Fluffy bofrot 

Bofrot is the angel of the morning,period!!! The long queues at the bofrot place each morning is a testimony. Ok so if you don’t bofrot,then here it goes! 265 more words


Baba Ghanoush, Muttabal, or Moutabal - Ramzan or Ramadan Special

As I continue to explore the vegetarian African/Middle-Eastern cuisine this holy month of Ramzan, one thing I am keeping an eye on is looking for recipes that don’t need a great deal of preparation or then can be made in advance. 352 more words


Cooking for Niger: Getting to Know Millet

At least on-line, Niger seems to get a bit overshadowed, culinary-speaking, by a few of its neighbors (looking at you, Nigeria and Mali), but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. 784 more words


Dates Stuffed with Almond Paste - A Recipe from Morocco

I am in love! I am in love!

With Orange Blossom Water or Orange Flower Water.

Let me not get ahead of myself but start at the beginning. 446 more words


Lablabi or Leblebi - A Tunisian Chickpea Soup

Since I have started exploring African and Mediterranean cuisine these past few weeks, I have been surprised by two things:

  1. The number of vegetarian options that are available (then there are non-vegetarian recipes that could be adapted to become vegetarian).
  2. 612 more words

Harissa - A Fiery Spiced Chilli Paste from Tunisia

This post is inspired my so many of my fellow bloggers.

  • Ever since Garima went on a culinary journey across the middle-east I have wanted to explore more of this region’s delicious cuisine apart from the…
  • 432 more words


Like everybody I hold a strong love for the country where I was born..!I was born in a beautiful country located in the Eastern  part of the African Continent…”Tanzania”. 541 more words