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Ogbono Soup

Ogbono soup is one of Nigeria’s signature soup that has a syrupy slimy consistency, similar to okra but more thicker. There are many styles to cook this meal, some pair it with okra. 226 more words

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Jollof Rice & Beans

I usually don’t like eating beans cooked into porridge alone, but can manage with yam or with rice. Rice and beans is actually a universal dish adopted in most countries because its not so expensive to prepare. 250 more words

African Recipes

Kelewele ( Spiced Plantain )

Kelewele are  spicy fried plantain cubes. This snack is a popular Ghanaian small chops usually seasoned with spices then deep fried. It can be eaten alone as snack or with other dishes like beans porridge.      99 more words

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Trois Pièces A La Morue / Poisson Salé A La Pâte d’Arachide & Koko

Cuisson et Préparation: 1h

Pour 5 Personnes


700 g de poisson salé (morue)

250 g de pâte d’arachide

200 g de koko (fumbwa)

2 gros oignons… 375 more words


Egusi Soup

Finally I’m back to my root, egusi soup is an African soup but mainly eaten in Nigeria, its made primarily from ground melon seeds and eaten with any kind of swallow.. 256 more words

African Recipes

Sausage Roll

Sausage rolls are snack made with sausage and pastry which are baked but in Africa, the sausage is ground into paste and used as a filling then baked.   267 more words

African Recipes

Potato porridge ( Goulash )

Usually, this meal is prepared with yam in most African countries, Its called yam porridge. Also in the country I reside, they have a traditional meal called Goulash, its prepared with potatoes and meat then cooked into porridge so i decided to make this meal with a bit of African ingredients.      181 more words

African Recipes