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Vegetable Soup

Call it Efo riro or Edikang ikong, various names and preparation techniques by different cultures. Vegetable soup is a Nigerian soup made with a lot of fresh vegetables like fluted pumpkin leaves, spinach and other types of green vegetable plus assorted meat, dry fish and even some sea food. 317 more words

African Recipes

Veg: Spicy plantains

I have recently done an African food workshop and learnt about food from Benin, so I decided to share one of the recipes. So delicious, so quick to do and perfect for a party. 119 more words

Weekend Suggestions

Garden Egg Sauce

When I am not in the mood for egg sauce or any other kind of sauce used for  yam, I just make this simple and fast garden egg sauce. 148 more words

African Recipes

Nigerian Lumpy Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is the signature soup of the Igbos’s in Nigeria, I previously made a post on classic egusi soup but not everybody like there egusi smooth and mushy, there are a lot of ways people prepare egusi soup according to taste and tradition. 265 more words

African Recipes

African Food: The World is ready!

Not so long ago, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver of Britain published a recipe highlighting his interpretation of Jollof rice. Many Africans took to social media to lividly voice their dismay at a recipe that they considered unrecognizable as part of their beloved West African cuisine. 90 more words

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Nigerian Chicken Pie

Nigerian Chicken Pie is a tasty snack that is similar to the Nigerian Meat pie, the only difference is that chicken pie is made with minced or shredded chicken while meat pie is made with minced beef. 407 more words

Desserts And Snacks

Palm Oil Rice ( Concoction Rice )

Palm oil rice or concoction rice is a type of Nigerian native dish, it may look like Jollof rice but different entirely. This dish requires just few ingredients unlike the jollof rice that is quite sophisticated.      141 more words

African Recipes