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Auntie Shiela's Angawamo

My mum is an excellent cook but i think i am the bomb!! ( hahahahahha, she will fight me if she reads this).

Some days are just lazy for me, especially my off days, so i told her i had a craving for fufu with kontomire soup or angwamo so we settled on angwamo. 243 more words

Mukase Chic

African Finger Food Recipe: How To Make Ojojo (Fried Mashed Water Yam)

For those of you that have tasted Ojojo you can testify that it is delicious to the core, some might even argue that it sweeter than fried plantains.. 244 more words


Herbal Drink.

A glowing beautiful melanin or white skin, a healthy human system – danger to sickness and diseases, have you ever wondered just like me how both the poor and rich of the African society are able to stay in good health? 261 more words

Spicy Atomo Chips

Atomo is sweet potatoe….i know you thought it was the local name for a scary big ingredient,sorry to dissapoint. 😂😂😂

I love Atomo, my generous sweet friend Richard sent some huge ones my way this week. 176 more words

Mukase Chic

Sunday Rice: Coconut Jollof Edition


It’s my first weekend back home so I decided to throw down for my mom. I used snapchat to capture each process I used in making this Jollof rice and peppered (sole) fish dish. 38 more words


Ghanan Tatale and Savoring Summer

Good morning everyone! :)

How are you today? I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My apologies for not posting yesterday. I decided yesterday to slow down a bit and soak in some summer sun. 384 more words


Egypt- An ancient bread, kofta and pistachio dukkah


Aish Baladi, Lamb Kofta and Pistachio Dukkah.

Ah Egypt! Who has not heard of this most fabled land? – cradle of civilization and still a place of mystery and wonder.  1,205 more words

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