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Spicy Atomo Chips

Atomo is sweet potatoe….i know you thought it was the local name for a scary big ingredient,sorry to dissapoint. 😂😂😂

I love Atomo, my generous sweet friend Richard sent some huge ones my way this week. 176 more words

Mukase Chic

Sunday Rice: Coconut Jollof Edition


It’s my first weekend back home so I decided to throw down for my mom. I used snapchat to capture each process I used in making this Jollof rice and peppered (sole) fish dish. 38 more words


Ghanan Tatale and Savoring Summer

Good morning everyone! :)

How are you today? I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My apologies for not posting yesterday. I decided yesterday to slow down a bit and soak in some summer sun. 384 more words


Egypt- An ancient bread, kofta and pistachio dukkah


Aish Baladi, Lamb Kofta and Pistachio Dukkah.

Ah Egypt! Who has not heard of this most fabled land? – cradle of civilization and still a place of mystery and wonder.  1,205 more words

Around The World Cooking

Veg: Potatoes, leeks and mushroom tartelette

This is a very quick left overs tartelette. You can play with the ingredients as you wish. Use whatever you want as long as you have mashed potatoes as a binding base. 150 more words

Weekend Suggestions

Art of Banga Soup.

There is absolutely nothing that can be compared to its taste, made from its unique ingredient for without which it can be made. It leaves your taste bud very jumpy even though it is a local dish, anyone from anywhere can enjoy it. 588 more words


Week 1: Ethiopia

This is it. I’ve done it. There is no turning back now.

To those of you who are new to my blog and have no idea what I’m talking about, welcome to  707 more words