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Quinoa Jollof for The Guardian

Nutty & sumptuous, this recipe using wonderful quinoa instead of rice as commonly used in Jollof Rice is a true delight. This is one of my absolute favourites, eaten as a salad with mixed leaves, with a roast or as a vegetable stuffing. 88 more words



Another favorite of mine! I have loved mandazis since I was young. Per usual, I thought about the different ways the same food could be presented and wondered why there must only be 1 type of mandazi? 97 more words



Chapo is life! I honestly love chapo the way it is however we Kenyans have confined ourselves to only one way of eating it. Since I was a child, my mom and I have been using chapo as a substitute for bread and making our own sandwiches. 164 more words


Coconut Jollof 

Jollof with a hint of coconut is amazing. This recipe is my everyday go to method to making coconut jollof.


1 can of coconut milk… 252 more words

Egusi Soup

So I’m finally putting up my egusi soup recipe. Egusi soup is one of my favorite type of Nigerian foods. So rich and yummy. Its easy to make. 360 more words

Auntie Shiela's Angawamo

My mum is an excellent cook but i think i am the bomb!! ( hahahahahha, she will fight me if she reads this).

Some days are just lazy for me, especially my off days, so i told her i had a craving for fufu with kontomire soup or angwamo so we settled on angwamo. 243 more words

Mukase Chic

African Finger Food Recipe: How To Make Ojojo (Fried Mashed Water Yam)

For those of you that have tasted Ojojo you can testify that it is delicious to the core, some might even argue that it sweeter than fried plantains.. 244 more words