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Camera Upkeep in the Wild

For photographers on an African safari, a camera might as well be their own version of Excalibur. This is the tool with which they capture the landscape and all that Africa has to show off, immortalizing the memories that are made through the lens of a digital camera. 476 more words

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African Waterbuck

Waterbucks are large African antelope that live south of the Sahara Desert.  They are cloven-hoofed ruminant mammals in the same family as domestic cattle (Bovidae). 380 more words


5 Things You Need to Know before Your Walking Safari

A safari vacation in Africa can be one of the most thrilling, exciting and educational vacations you can take. You will see and experience things you never even imagined possible, from stunning sunsets to bizarre and interesting animals to beautiful and almost alien landscapes. 469 more words

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Hugh's Photo Challenge: Week 9-Stripes

My first submission to Hugh’s Photo Challenges.  Captured last Fall on my trip to South Africa at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in Kruger National Park.

Hugh’s Photo Challenge-Stripes

Olympus OM-D

The Places, Landscapes, and Animals You'll See on an African Safari

Africa is an enormous continent with a mind-boggling level of diversity. With a land mass large enough to fit China, India, the U.S., Japan and most of Europe inside, you can imagine that the differences from one coast to the other are profound. 541 more words

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The Kinds of Cameras and Lenses You’ll Need in the Wild

An African photography safari is the adventure of a lifetime whether you are a point and shoot beginner or a seasoned veteran. One of the biggest concerns for most people is bringing the right equipment so that you don’t end up missing, or messing up, the one in a million shot. 494 more words

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Why Every Photographer Should Go on an African Safari

Photography is more than a hobby for a lot of people, it is a way of life. There is nothing better than capturing the moment in a snapshot that can be saved for eternity. 482 more words

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