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Where to Visit Africa in August

Africa’s predictable seasons make planning your African safari tour easy. Different parts of the continent have peak visiting times throughout the year for various attractions, helping you pick the most astonishing and memorable activities to take part in during your trip depending on the time you choose. 561 more words

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Africa's 4 Deadliest Snakes: How to Avoid Getting Bit

Africa’s abundant wildlife evolved in some pretty astounding ways to help each species get their lunch without becoming lunch in the process. In the case of Africa’s deadliest snakes, a combination of clever camouflage and potent venom can allow them to play both offense and defense as the situation arises. 720 more words

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7 Small Cats of Africa That Need Your Love, Too

Africa’s lions, leopards and cheetahs are absolutely breathtaking in every sense of the word, but they are not the only fabulous felines the continent has to offer. 680 more words

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Live in the moment

For me there is nothing more exciting than getting into the bush, so when my husband walks through the doors and tells me he has won a 4-day getaway to… 845 more words

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What to Expect on a Game Drive During Your African Safari Tour

When people think of an “African safari tour,” they are typically thinking of game drives. Parks like Kruger and the Maasai Mara are enormous, so riding in a vehicle is one of the best ways to cover a lot of ground without getting exhausted. 753 more words

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World Lion Day

Lions have always been my favourite wild type animals, ever since I watched the “Lion King”. I just loved the idea of having a Pride and having a strong father type like Mufasa. 234 more words

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Rhino's Up: One six-year old's fight to protect the last Northern White Rhinos

Working in conservation and education will always feel like a blessing to me. To see how children react to the issues facing the natural world… 314 more words