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Best Big Five Safari Parks in Africa for Seeing All Five Majestic Animals

For over a century, big game hunters romanticized the adventure of trekking through the African savanna and locating the “Big Five” game. Now, people are more apt to shoot the Big Five with their DSLR camera than a rifle, but the allure of these gorgeous, large, powerful and often elusive creatures remains. 627 more words

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All About the Hyrax, the Elephant’s Cousin That Looks Like a Rodent

In a continent full of unique and unusual animals, the plucky hyrax still manages to stand out. These medium-sized mammals are survivors of a primitive group of species that later split off to evolve into elephants, manatees and dugongs. 607 more words

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Meet Africa’s Plucky “Small Five” During Your Safari Adventure

Much attention is given to Africa’s “Big Five” game animals — and deservedly so — but those who come to Africa to look at just five species will miss out on incredible opportunities to see other beautiful wildlife. 697 more words

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Reaching for the trees

It is 2018, the 4th of January. Myself and assistant DB are leopard-crawling through mud while clinging vines and thorn branches obstruct our mission: that being to locate the identity behind the primate “pyow” vocalizations at the site of the vervet monkey sleeping tree at 6.30 am. 242 more words


Something completely different – homage to holidays

As this is the season of goodwill these photos feature close animal relationships, be they breeding pairs, mother and baby, or animals that simply hang out together. 446 more words


On The Trail of Africa’s Legendary Big Five

Well, here I am…back in South Africa, my old African playground! For this trip, I planned not a single thing. I left that completely in the hands of my… 859 more words


Bwindi Forest National Park


Greetings from the Green Rangers Team. Hope you all had a wonderful start of December weekend and we hope you’re all getting ready to spend big this Christmas🎄 509 more words