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Words in the Light by FGM + more ...

My favourite French poet has unfortunately declined an interview so he remains a mystery! Yet his poems give us a powerful insight into his delightful romantic heart! 264 more words


Saving the Magnificent African Elephant

Once upon a time, elephants ruled the continent of Africa. Their historical habitat range literally stretched all the way from the Cape of Good Hope to Tangier. 500 more words

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Honey Bees of South Africa

Just like the rest of the world, many of South Africa’s most important plants and crops only continue to exist because of one animal: the honey bee. 548 more words

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The Adorable African Civet

One of Africa’s cutest yet least understood animals are the African civets. That unfamiliarity is likely because these solitary, nocturnal creatures are difficult to spot. They spend most of the day sleeping in dense vegetation, venturing at night to snack on whatever prey they can find. 454 more words

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Caracal (Persian Lynx)

The caracal is easily identified by the large black tufts of fur that grow on the top of their ears. Known for their amazing agility caracals can leap up to catch a bird in mid-flight.


Giraffes are easily recognized by their large appearance plus dark spots with light fur. Known for their very long necks, giraffes actually have the same number of neck vertebrae as humans, only theirs are much larger.

Marvel at the Beautiful Man Pools National Park

Mana Pools Park sits on the south bank of the Zambezi River within the northernmost section of Zimbabwe. In the rainy season, the Lower Zambezi Valley floods, opening up a colorful and rich ecosystem as vegetation flourishes and small insects, fish and other creatures’ populations explode. 484 more words

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