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Safari in the city: Johannesburg

Going on a safari in South Africa to most people means seeing big cats, rhinos, elephants and other notable species in Kruger Park. While this is certainly a great way to spend your time, you should make certain that you do not miss out on the other aspects of the region’s beauty. 574 more words

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Most Unique African Safari Animals: African Elephant

The African elephant is a staple of safari iconography, identified just as easily in silhouette as they are in person. Their tall profile, broad backs, sweeping trunks and prominent tusks all make them a unique combination of features unlike anything else on the planet. 587 more words

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The Honey Guide

No, it’s not a catalogue. It’s a wild bird that has a business relationship with the human beings in its neighborhood. (Thanks to Mike S. for sending us this video.) 118 more words


Riding Shotgun

Red-billed oxpeckers squabble over prime seating on the back of an African buffalo. These birds are famous for travelling on tolerant buffalo and other mammals, feeding on various insects on their hosts or nearby. 74 more words

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African Safari for Seniors

Is one of your dream trips about traveling to Africa for a Safari? To see all those wild animals and more? It is a dream trip of a lifetime for most of us. 1,496 more words

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Onward to Africa: Walk the Talk

The last three days have been an emotional roller coaster. First there was the wonderful news that Prince Harry has joined Rhino Conservation Botswana as a Patron… 395 more words


This Is Awesome!...

I found this awesome site called Explore.org and they have a live camera inside of an African Animal look out! How cool is this? I hope that we see some really majestic animals and some fierce kitties too! 37 more words