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Giraffes 101

One of the most charming and impressive animals to come across on a safari is the giraffe. With their impossibly long legs, sweet faces, and unique patterns of spots, giraffe sightings make your African adventure all the more magical. 530 more words

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vantage point

noun :a position or place that allows one a wide or favourable overall view of a scene or situation

Collins English Dictionary…

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Migration Uncut 2016 - Week 1

It was a good start to our annual Masai Mara photo safaris as we are close to wrapping up week 1 of Migration Uncut 2016. We photographed some good river crossings, lion cubs and cheetah action this. 36 more words


Ground control to Major Hornbill

As its name suggests, the Southern Ground-Hornbill stays on the ground for the most part. They’ll fly when required, flashing white feathers underneath the black ones, but when on solid terrain, they’re often looking for frog, lizard, and snake snacks, or if lucky, they’ll embark on a small sprint to catch an African hare. 224 more words

African Wildlife


I did not realise that today was #WorldLionDay! World Lion Day August 10

Lions are probably my most favourite animals and I think that they are just magnificent! 137 more words

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Spotted Hyena

The Spotted Hyena makes a loud cackling call when it is excited or afraid, giving it the common nickname the “laughing hyena”. Hyenas’ front legs are long than their hind legs, which is what gives them their distinctive sloped back.

Vervet monkeys deserve a chance

A nonchalant vervet monkey peers down from his throne on a branch.

They have different alarm calls for different predators- including for humans too, I’m sure, that they use sometimes when I walk beneath them in forests. 224 more words

African Wildlife