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Honey Badger vs. Crested Porcupine

This honey badger got into a very prickly situation when it decided to take on a crested porcupine! Before I had time to set up my camera, the porcupine made a mad dash directly towards our vehicle. 201 more words


Leopard Spotting

We lucked out with a close up leopard encounter along a river bed in Kruger. This impressive male had killed an adult male impala earlier in the morning and dragged it over 100 meters from the edge of the river, up a steep slope and into a small stand of trees right next to a pullout. 34 more words


On to Africa

When I turned twenty one I was living in California thousands of miles away from my family in South Africa. For the past few years I’d been slowly working my way around the world and it was the first and only time I ever received a letter from my father. 562 more words


This time for Africa! - A wildlife safari

Widely regarded as the place where human life originated, Africa is home to many of the world’s best loved and most fascinating animals. It is a place where large predators roam the sweeping savannas among huge herds of grazing herbivores. 411 more words

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Meerkat Mania

Since the release of Disney’s beloved classic, The Lion King, in 1994, the meerkat has become one of the most recognizable creatures from Africa. This adorable species is common, yet still one of the animals that tourists hope to see the most on their African safari vacation. 468 more words

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Hitchhiking Turtles

A common, but never dull sighting in Kruger National Park were the numerous turtles that used hippopotami as their basking platforms. With the hippos tired out from eating all night long they mostly rested in the water during the day, which gave the opportunistic turtles a perfect platform to grab some rays.  101 more words

Kruger National Park

Protecting Rangers

Saving Africa’s wildlife is extremely important. But a lot of people seem to forget that the people in charge of stopping poaching and hunting in Africa are indeed human and also need some protection. 218 more words