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Dear Black Girl,

…i made change after change

on the road to perfection

but when i finally felt beautiful enough

their definition of beauty changed

what if there is no finish line… 113 more words


'TEAM WOMEN': The Unbeatable Team and Strongest of them all!

From my interaction with the social media, life experiences, fellow women and even growing girls, I have come to realize that the hostility that faces women in every society is caused by women themselves. 349 more words

How to: twistout on 4c natural hair without gel/curling cream

Hello guys!
I am really excited about todays video because ill be showing you how i was able to create this bomb twist-out style without any curling cream or gel and it came out really lovely and my hair felt so smooth. 24 more words

My Super Mum

As a child, she taught me the value of love and humility, the essence of life.
She taught me the difference between knowledge and wisdom, the essence of education. 191 more words

Chisanga Kombe


Hello guys, its been awhile since I came up here and I’m really sorry about that, a lot has been going on but I’ll try and be more consistent this time around. 91 more words

Andalusia – Lone Traveler – Day 5

Hello guys and ladies! I was up at 7:00am, totally unacceptable on vacation days. But, the naughty book isn’t writing itself while I sleep!

2nd book revision – Around 15,000 of 108,400 words  revised and edited. 271 more words

African Woman