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World News: World's most eligible bachelor is off the market!

This morning, I showered, dressed and put on some make up.

Make up for me is a click of foundation and a little lipstick.

My skin doesn’t like make up that much. 481 more words

African Woman

African Woman

They are forged not birthed, those little girls
with toes dipped in the grave, preyed upon
by old crows perched on cradles, picking at dead… 489 more words


Cats & Dogs as neighbours

I live in a building with mostly older people. By older people I mean over 65. They are not old. They are just older than me and most of the people I spend most of my time with. 443 more words

African Woman

My Design Proposal for US-Mexico Wall

Well. I am feeling a little creative today.

You can guess which sides of the wall each design fits. You could even mix and match them a little to make things spicy. 51 more words

African Woman

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

I am the old dog in this story.

I never took a Swedish driving license you see. During the late teens & early 20s, I was too broke to shoulder the cost and did not fancy getting into debt. 522 more words

African Woman


To the African woman

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire”.- George Monbiot. Nov 7, 2011…

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