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A Vegan African?

As a child, I never heard of other eating lifestyles except for how I ate, which was everything. In my previous post: Food Philosophy, I talked about how important memories were all centered around food, and many cultural events in my tribe placed huge importance on the sacrifice of animals. 614 more words


cooking with grandma pt. 2

Because my grandmother is not the type to remain idle (she lives to find daily tasks around the house to keep herself busy and she is so active that she looks half her age!) every morning there seems to be something cooking on the stove. 140 more words


Black Selfhood and Trauma

This will be a bit of a ramble, I just had to get my thoughts down!

I recently watched a lecture by Dr. Joy deGruy in which she discusses ‘post traumatic slave syndrome.’ PTSS describes the actions and behaviors created by the multi-generational trauma experienced by African Americans due to slavery. 322 more words

Black Women

Mixed Medici & Africans In Italian Renaissance Art

Alessandro de’ Medici wielded great power as the first duke of Florence. He was the patron of some of the leading artists of the era and is one of the two Medici princes whose remains are buried in the famous tomb by Michaelangelo. 396 more words

Italian Studies



It is said that “everything rises and falls on leadership”. Good or bad, the end result of every undertaken is referred to the person who led it. 409 more words


Macro | Clinging upon

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Description From Photographer if Any:

An African Monarch on a wild Flower

By johnke

Source: 500px.com


Question of the Day: What Can Yeshua (Jesus) Do For You That Your Ancestors Can't?

First of all, many of my beloved friends and family members are Christians–strong Christians–so this is not in ANY way a post meant to offend.   599 more words