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Due to the influx of fizzy beverages in our country, Hasia Ahmed Farouta is bringing us an alternative by establishing Frutta Juice Hub. A company that produces juice from fruits and natural ingredients. 279 more words


How To Put Out a Fire

First consider how you acquired the fire

  1. Did you rub her against your palms and forget that she bore a name and possessed a brain?
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What No One Tells You When You Decide to Go Natural

The sayings below are common to everyone basically. Permit my use of Nigerian English😁

  • Ahh this thing is not easy oooo ehh I can never return natural …
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Music: Political outcry

Music, the human portal of expressing happiness, discontent, fantasy, love ect. For centuries it has been used to express political discontent and motivate change. For a long time, mainstream music has censored the types of songs that address hard topics in fear of sparking debates and uprising, but what type of art form isn’t meant to make you think? 805 more words

Fleeting: The Translucent Ghosts of Memories Past.

Around 11 P.M yesterday, on my way back home from *****, my mind drifted to my grandmother. I remembered all of the things I should have when she died and in the backseat of a taxi – in all of the quiet and discomfort – I cried all of the tears I should have cried at her funeral.

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Short Stories

Atangana Pascal ~ Ye Mot Ai Kare Mot

“The official 40 years anniversary reissue of the first album of the Cameroonian musician Atangana Pascal « Quelqu’un ». 7 raw Bikutsi & Soukous tracks recorded after midnight in a single recording session in a nightclub of Yaoundé.”

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This Is The Reality We Have Created.

I could be a WHITE guy in a suit walking down the street. I could have murdered a hundred people and if no one knew they would say WOW, look at that successful man in a suit. 376 more words