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Honey: A guide to finding and harvesting wild honey

Honey, it is known by its fans as natures most complete food. From its amazing antibiotic and antioxidant properties through its well known and often used ability to restore strength for athletes, honey, the golden liquid guarded and produced by those buzzing insects so many humans instinctively fear is an amazing natural and widely available food. 2,164 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson

how to spoil a hike

On a back road in Costa Rica, 1994. You don’t want to mess with Africanized bees.

Africanized 'Killer Bees' Discovered In East Bay For First Time

LAFAYETTE (CBS SF) — Africanized honeybees, also known as ‘killer bees’ have been found in the East Bay for the first time.

Africanized bees are a hybrid of the European bee and the African bee, and known for their more aggressive nature. 227 more words



photo credit: “http://www.flickr.com/photos/greyarea via http://photopin.com”

In the interest of dishin’ out the skinny on what’s what and why on my site here, I want to tell the story of my avatar – the warrior bees. 494 more words

Africanized Bees

Bountiful man recovering after being stung by hundreds of bees in southern Utah

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – While attending his grandson’s baseball game at Elks Field in St. George Friday, Jay Francis of Bountiful said he never expected to be stung 400 times by a swarm of bees. 327 more words


Things I Never Thought I'd Do (but do in Paraguay)

“Be ready at all times to venture into the unknown.” –  Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold

And venture I have. In keeping an open mind to as many experiences as possible during my service, here’s a few things I never thought I’d do but do in Paraguay: 1,389 more words

Peace Corps Paraguay

What exactly is an Africanized honey bee?

Contrary to popular belief, the Africanized Honey Bee, or Killer Bee as it is sometimes called, is not actually from Africa at all.  They are a hybrid that started in Brazil and escaped the lab on accident.   315 more words

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