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"Just kept attacking him:" 11-year-old stung more than 400 times by Africanized bees

PHOENIX, Arizona¬†— An Arizona family credits the quick action of a volunteer firefighter for saving the life of an 11-year-old boy stung more than 400 times by Africanized bees… 341 more words


If the Bees Die Off, We Go With Them

More Than Honey

Directed by Marcus Imhoof (2012)

Film Review

More Than Honey is a documentary investigating colony collapse disorder, the mysterious condition that threatens to wipe out the global honeybee population. 200 more words


Wild Honey Bees in Community Environments

In the Arizona School and Home Integrated Pest Management Newsletter

by¬†Shaku Nair, Dawn H. Gouge, Shujuan Li, Peter Warren, Al Fournier, Michael Wierda, Kai Umeda, Dave Kopec… 1,699 more words