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Famous skeletons

When you embark upon a genealogical quest you will eventually have to start drawing lines. At some point your tree will start to look more like a hedge unless you limit the number of branches you go down – it is nice to know for example that your second cousin Bob was married to Jean, but you perhaps don’t need to know all of Jean’s ancestors or siblings and their descendants. 198 more words

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South Africa: The Forgotten Nation Part 2

For those of you who don’t know, the image at the top of this post is that of Percy Montgomery who played for the South African national rugby team 102 times between 1997-2008 and is the highest points scorer in their history with 893 to his name. 759 more words


South Africa: The Forgotten Nation Part 1

After Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and his subsequent election as president of South Africa in 1994, the world rejoiced and reflected on a job well done. 1,034 more words


Will Afrikaners Allow Their Nation to Die?

– 27 August 2015 –


For every Afrikaner like Steve Hofmeyr in South Africa, there must be one hundred more who are embarrassed for their perceived sins of racism and who are quietly allowing their nation to dissipate and die.   728 more words

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Skin Tight

Wow!  I am shocked and horrified to find this 2010 blog post on race and apartheid in South Africa.  The author is clearly a racist fool, unable to think rationally.   402 more words

Book Review of the Week: The Zebra Affaire

The Zebra Affaire

Mark Fine

Format: Kindle Edition

Also available in Paperback

★★★★★ 5 stars

Romance and Historic Fiction of the Best Quality

What a surprise and delight to open a book and discover the tapestry of South Africa. 185 more words