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Sefi Atta's A Bit of A Difference Book Cover

Detanglers and silk caps are now ways of expressing confidence in our richly textured Afro hair. If you were a woman of African descent at a certain time, you knew no other reality than relaxers, hot irons, hours under hot dryers, braids, wigs to be fashionable or even accepted.. 289 more words


Thunder Tillman / Condor Sunflower / ESP Institute

Thunder Tillman`s Condor Sunflower is an E.P. of Electronic Surf Psyche, from Sweden. Imagine Connan Mockasin gone Sarcastic Disco. To my ears at least, their new record on ESP Institute slots in somewhere alongside… 166 more words

Dr Rob

It's Never Just Hair

We’re already four months into 2019 and it still feels like January was yesterday. I haven’t been writing for a while simply because life got me for a second but then I was like: Hey!!!…Wait a minute, I’m here to live.. 1,246 more words


Unknown Artist - Tropical Jam [TJE-003]

It’s been a fair old while since we last heard from Tropical Jam, the sneaky re-edit imprint from Vakula and Aussie crate digger Daniel Lupica. Surprisingly, this is the duo’s first 10-inch missive of humid, floor-friendly revisions since the summer of 2018. 85 more words


So we all know who Wizkid is, as well as Burna Boy. If you don’t know who these two afro-pop artists are then you’ve certainly been living underneath Patrick star’s rock for about a decade, because Wizkid and Burna Boy have both been burning up the Afro music industry since both their debuts! 600 more words



My afro was my way of saying ‘this was me’. It was not
meant to come out as rebellious-who or what would I be rebelling against? 504 more words

"Don't touch my hair, when it's the feeling I wear"


One of the biggest change of my life has definitely been going back to my natural African hair.

Many of you would ask “What does it mean… 2,145 more words

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