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What if Kashmir's AFSPA was applied to India Inc

The folks in corporate India have strong views about their own perceptions of ‘ground realities’

Almost everyone in the Indian corporate world has a view on the ongoing tragedy in Kashmir. 944 more words

Kashmir: A Fiery Vale

I do not claim to know all about Kashmir and its problems. I do, however, have a decent bit of an understanding of the issue, which is why I felt this piece, at this time, would be appropriate. 3,970 more words


Law against Law

Fifteen years ago India woke into a new dawn of struggle in the northeastern state of India. The struggle was against a draconian law – Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). 258 more words


Kashmiris deserve an acknowledgement of the horrors perpetrated upon them.

I must start with an apology to Kashmiris since it may appear I’m presuming to speak on their behalf. I am not. I cannot. I can’t even begin to imagine, much less preach, about the pain they have suffered. 1,572 more words

Don't demoralise the armed forces, overturn AFSPA order: Centre in SC

The Centre sought to overcome a Supreme Court order which had negated the protection against prosecution available to the armed forces personnel under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act. 35 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

Ninasam Culture Course-Part#2

गेल्या ऑक्टोबर(म्हणजे २०१६) मध्ये कर्नाटकातील सागर जिल्ह्यातील हेग्गोडू येथे निनासम नावाच्या प्रसिद्ध संस्थेत मी संस्कृती शिबिरात भाग घ्यायला गेलो होतो. त्याबद्दल मी पूर्वी एक भाग


Paradise Burninig

Right since independence, Kashmir has been the burning topic on the hot tables between India and Pakistan. Tracking and countering Pakistan’s interests has been a top priority task for the Indian army and the intelligence officials. 710 more words