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आखिर इस आफस्पा में है क्या? #RepealAFSPA

(*“Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act”  या “सशस्त्र बल (विशेष शक्तियां) अधिनियम”)

1958 में, असम और मणिपुर के “अशांत क्षेत्रों” में हो रहे सशस्त्र बगावत से “निपटने” के लिए, सशस्त्र बलों को विशेष शक्तियां देने के उद्देश्य से, एक अध्यादेश पारित किया गया था. 24 more words


Irom Sharmila Global Appeal

An appeal to The President of India from women of the world

We stand with Irom Sharmila : We call on you to repeal AFSPA… 549 more words



A moment, decision, fire shot
A hole, shock, blood spill

Tears, moans, nightmares
Scalpels, doctors, injectables

Critical, ventilator, death bed
Roses, almonds, farewell

Outcries, protests, condemnation… 27 more words

Hirra Sultan

Memoir: The AFSPA Mentality of Suspicion and Treachery in Kashmir

By Adil Bhat

It is a story of several long dark nights of the 1990s. Here the lives were spent amidst the craggy barbed wires, the sudden calls for crackdowns, uncalled for detentions, disappearances, abuse and the senseless killings of innocents. 1,054 more words

Review: The Gender Factor

Ammu Joseph, Journalist

The essay I’m analyzing for my book review is called The Gender Factor by Ammu Joseph. It appears in a volume called 21st Century Journalism in India which has been edited by… 981 more words

2004 Tsunami

To people who don’t know- Azaadi isn’t Justice!

Now that everyone (even people who don’t know anything about Kashmir) demands Azaadi, here’s a thing (not offending anyone) :

So, you want Kashmir to not be with India, but Kashmir cannot relocate itself, atleast geographically. 310 more words

Fire from both sides in the Valley

National Institute of Technology, Srinagar is finally finding some peace. But, another set of disturbed clouds have managed to cover various districts of Kashmir now. 298 more words