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Something Not Like Us

In his statement regarding Carrie Buck’s case, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes took into consideration Carrie, her mother, and her daughter, all of whom were assumed to have disabilities, and stated simply, “Three generations of imbeciles (an accepted medical term of the era) is enough.”  The Commonwealth of Virginia’s law was upheld by the Court and Carrie Buck was sterilized without her consent on October 19, 1927 by means of a tubal ligation.   499 more words

Faith And Disability

Deliver us from evil...

In reflecting upon the Lord’s Prayer, the last line for me been the easiest to overlook. The ideas that God’s name is to be revered, that we’re to look forward to the reestablishment of his Kingdom, that we’re to seek his will, that we’re to depend upon him to provide for our needs, to ask for his forgiveness and his assistance in forgiving others and to rely upon his help in avoiding temptation…all reflect daily struggles each of us experience. 2,180 more words

Key Ministry

Feminism, Environmentalism, Marxism and Murder

So you call yourself a feminist? An environmentalist? Are you sure you want to say that about yourself?  The average feminist says he or she (I’ve always found it weird that some men call themselves ‘feminists’ but OK) believes in equality.   829 more words


When Societies Embrace Evil

Evil is a concept some refuse to accept. In a world of no absolutes evil becomes a quaint idea of days gone by. A throwback to a time when man was less “civilized.” Things like barbarity are not on the minds of those with an eye on the future. 891 more words


. Last year MSNBC TV host Melissa Harris-Perry argued for what she calls “after-birth abortion”. She claims that parents should have the right to abort new-born babies. 119 more words


Last year MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry on her July 21st show insisted that a baby’s life only begins when the parents say it begins. Quote: “When does life begin? 105 more words


. Two years ago the Journal of Medical Ethics published a case for what they called “after-birth abortion.” Now a Planned Parenthood representative has gone on record advocating that parents be given the option of terminating the life of a baby after it is born. 98 more words