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Unanswered Prayer

Just got home.

Stuck in a daze,

Still so freaking amazed,

God, what happened?

The sun stirs

As I reach for my keys.

Thinking about my soft bed, 111 more words


Ten O'Clock

It’s later than ten and I am still trying to figure out how I am different from before. Assuming there was something called love that happened and that this thing can be untangled from the rest of my life, I would be looking at the time before this happened to see how I was then, looking into my past life for the answers, it seems. 714 more words


A fickle fire,
a stray storm,
a wandering wind,
put you to shore.
The long journey finally ended
only to leave you
nonetheless stranded.
Escaping could have kept you alive… 54 more words


Out Of The Woods

The strongest trees
grow in the darkest places.
There is power in the shadows
that we all fear
because it exists unexplored.
Such is our fear for things we cannot control, 58 more words


Little Bird

Trapped in a cage,
hands fettered to a pole.
Gray is the sky
and the darkness in my soul.

Alone in silence,
we lie.
We sin grievously; 23 more words



Did you ever stop
and think about what you did?
What you said?
The words you uttered
when you decided it was the end?
Did you ever wonder… 67 more words


No Hard Feelings

Hate is a strong word. It leaves scars that go in deep and makes one difficult to forget. I don’t have time for such negative bullshit so let me just say I really really really don’t like you.”