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Cheers for the next 'After Thoughts' featuring Ye Olde Pubs

GREEN BAY – University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Associate Prof. (History) Caroline Boswell will present “Ye Olde Pub: A Social and Cultural History of England’s Early Drinking Houses” on Tuesday, March 4 as part of the University’s… 411 more words


Tuesday Tunes - Poetry Through Music, #5, 2016

He was seeking a thought, single seed of creation

come from within, self-made, no divine inspiration

put forth smugly in vein intellectually blessed

so as to differentiate, separate one from the rest. 196 more words


Hello and Goodbye Rookie Blue - The Story of a Binge Watcher

4 weeks ago I was chilling on my couch watching TV flipping through channels when there was this preview for a show they were going to start broadcasting called  1,473 more words

Film And Television

get me through the night

I’m coming out with new sections like Movie Night where I talk about things I relate to and what that has done for me. I fairly read and watch a lot, so I’ll only be writing about the ones that have changed the course of my life in some way. 120 more words


An Open Letter to Miss 2nd Fiddle….

A letter to you,

You should know that playing second fiddle for another woman’s man will never get you respect and rarely first place in said mans life. 788 more words


My Experience With Greek Life

“My letters don’t make me better than others. My letters make me better than I was.” – David Stollman

Greek life: so much has been said but nothing has really captured what it’s actually like.

689 more words