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Age vs Experience

As our concept groups were figured out and divided between the class, I stuck with age vs experience. As a group we were a little confused at first as to where we were going to go with this. 85 more words

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Authentic Education

Authentic is defined as true, real, unforged, verified, and trustworthy. Focusing on experiential learning, organizing units of study around themes, and personalized learning with individual curiosities and goals. 85 more words

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Thoughts on Standardized Education

Standardized Education recently has been getting a lot of heat in the way it chooses to educate everyone the same way. I think one thing that is solidly against standardized education is the way that everyone is supposed to learn the same way when we know not everyone does. 69 more words

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Multiple Intelligences

In today’s class we received a multiple intelligences handout. It included a number of intelligences with contexts that each include. After reading each one I believe I am Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Visual- Spatial Intelligence, and Bodily- Kinesthetic Intelligence. 179 more words

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Et Tribus Mensibus*

At the time of this writing, exactly three months ago he and I ate dinner on the patio under the permanent multicolor Christmas lights. He pinned them up along the edges of our patio because I wanted them lit every day and night. 685 more words


What does it mean to be mindful?

Being mindful is really important when working with children. Being mindful in a classroom helps a teacher observe and notice things better. To be mindful in my life right now would also be beneficial to my overall wellbeing. 237 more words

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Jack of all trades, master of…almost all?

These days, everybody says you’re not expected to know it all, but it’s still a joy to watch when these same people are surprised that you can’t find the connection between some of their allusions and references. 437 more words