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Five Years to Find

Expecting the worst is never really the problem; expecting the worst and ending up with the best is far more horrible. It creates a seed of self-destruction in the form of nightmares, constant worry, and uncertainty, always waiting for the other foot to drop after believing for so long it would. 2,591 more words

After Thoughts

Book Covers by Lynn S. Schwebach

Here are two book covers that I had the privilege of designing and illustrating.

I was commissioned by Summit Publication Design to design a book cover for Melba Smith-Dudley’s first book of published poems.   90 more words

Lynn Schwebach

i'm so so tired

i feel beaten up and left in a corner to bleed after defending lov(ed) ones.

i cannot stop crying why: why can’t the caretaker be taken care of as well? 37 more words

After Thoughts


Is it a paradox.
Always running and hiding and avoiding. Escapism and life has merged into confusion which, only really surfaces when the question is encountered: what are you searching for? 107 more words

After Thoughts


Tonight I see.

All I’ve been doing is try to please you. Lying on the floor waiting in the dark. From the very beginning complying, giving in, saying yes. 199 more words

After Thoughts


After Thoughts

A photo story.

I created this space in May 2014. This was a space to express innate frustrations, fears and deep sorrows. Often friends (or not) attempt to slip in the question with tact. 1,892 more words

After Thoughts