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The Lily as a Symbol

I don’t remember the first time I used the lily symbolically. The first blog I published had the word in the URL. I see floating water lilies (or lily pads) like ideas. 165 more words

The Personals.

one foot in and one foot out

i want out

walking from one pothole to another with death as the only answer. if the terms and conditions of life were as dispensable as life itself, i’d donate mine to You. 30 more words

After Thoughts

Asking Questions

While I was living in Jakarta, Indonesia,  I left for a workshop in Sumatra, and a bomb exploded in Jakarata.
When I came back to Jakarta from Sumatra, a volcano erupted in Sumatra. 103 more words

The Mind Of Who

My mind is swimming with thoughts

Some happy, Some sad, Some undecided

What to do when your mind is in a conundrum?

What is the answers? 98 more words


An After Thoughts for After Us.

This is my after thoughts for the book After Us by Sourpatchedkid. And let me just tell you this, she is an writer! She put the whole story to a next level. 668 more words

After Thoughts

19 years unconsciously;
treating yourself they way you have received

After Thoughts

Kita Kita After Thoughts

Every love story doesn’t end up a happy ending.

Siguro nakita niyo na sa trailer na ang bidang babae ay bulag but don’t worry, I will not tell you the reason why. 389 more words

After Thoughts