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Chapter 2

When I reached my bed I perched myself upon my unmade covers. Just reminiscing all the memories I made in this bedroom made me realise how much I was going to miss this place. 287 more words


Planning Forever After - 26. Fun Date

New story update in “Planning Forever After”, Fun Date.

Thomas and Marissa have a fun date at the arcade where his feelings for her become clearer.

26. Fun Date


Story, short

Tonight I read Big Girl Small (plot will now be dissected).

Premise- girl, little person, goes to new school, meets boy she loves, boy gets her drunk and makes a tape with him and his friends, girl hides, girl comes out and feels much better. 168 more words


after evening

whose of the center

and what is the front

and how it all appears

and what it wants

and how it looms

and thought of the new… 46 more words


Someone's Got a Baby Bump!!!

Here is the “before and after” picture of Nikki–before she got pregnant, and after she got pregnant.



Check out that big “basketball belly”! Yes, folks! 17 more words