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It was raining. Even though it didn’t feel as if it was raining, it clearly was. It felt more like crying–sporadic, medium-sized drops that were so numerous they’d become more than a careless outburst or a wind-burnt leak. 184 more words

before and after

when  love  was in your heart

it was never no doubt

as soon as it went away

things became  difficult

and parted as soon

and its own  envelope of hope… 30 more words



When talking about grief most people have some familiarity with the Kübler-Ross model of grief adapted from the stages of dying.

These sorts of conceptual models can be useful as a framework for understanding what to expect.   1,370 more words



I cannot help but think that! after what I went through with her (the wife!), that. At times After one year. to even think about just expiring to make her and me happy. 278 more words

Before and After

Do you have a face full of zits that make great landing zones for mosquitos?  Are you sick of having a face full of pimples?  Have your friends been calling you: ‘Volcano face’?  324 more words


What I've Learned about Marketing after 2 Years of Business and Thousands of…

Handmade Jewelry
Nice wire-woven mount on this pearl & leather cuff bracelet #handmade #jewelry
Pearl and leather cuff bracelet – choose from 22 colors
Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Bonsai Pendant, Peridot & Emeralds, Handmade Jewelry… How to price your handmade jewelry Handmade J… 11 more words


At times I feel as if I am very far away from the people I’m around. When we talk, I have to make my voice extra loud so it can pierce the awkwardness that shrouds me. 57 more words