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MUST WATCH: See What Happened To The Mistress After The Legal Wife Undressed Her In The Street!

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Every girl wants to be the only one of the love of her life. Being loyal means a lot for every woman. 26 more words

Why it's so difficult to recover from neglect

On this talk show:  Why it’s so difficult to recover from neglect…plus, a wife asks why sex is such a big deal…plus, what to do if work anxiety affects your sleep… 27 more words


MUST WATCH: Look What Happened To The Guy After He Forced A Girl To Kiss Him In Front Of The Girl's Boyfriend!

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Many older people are saying that the youth in today’s generation is very different during their times. They said that youth before were too rigid and conservative while in this generation, they are too wild and most of the…



I made
for a toy
a movie

from a sheet
of aluminum

/ mother worked herself out of a straitjacket

she wanted… 16 more words

Get in touch with Center Industry From the Philippines; Before, In the course of And Soon after International Recession

One of the largest and most productive industries inside the Philippine would be the get in touch with center business. What made it successful compared to other industries in the Philippines is simply because of its a lot of outsourced organizations coming in the US at the same time as with all the government聮s heavy support as it was one of many couple of options for the growing unemployment inside the Philippines. 439 more words

My Story Isn't Over; a new tattoo.

Lost my brother when he was 15.

He stole a car, drove to Oregon. His friend buckled her seat-belt as they went off the road, only paralyzed. 139 more words



Today, I chose items from various events and I combined them with some that I’ve had in my inventory for quite a while. Yes, the title is inspired by the song that I love. 57 more words