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Planning Forever After - 8. Gym Buddy

New update in “Planning Forever After”, Gym Buddy.

Autumn and Dennis begin a friendship by attending the gym together. Autumn learns about Dennis’ terrible past and his hopes for the future.

8. Gym Buddy


Time for change

The Lenten season is upon us again, and it is interesting to see people giving up this or that activity or food for the forty days and forty nights of Lent in imitation of Jesus Christ. 402 more words


A Dog found in a Garbage bag starving to death, What happened after is a miracle

Dogs are considered as man’s bestfriend. But is it part of their friendship to starve the dog to death? What’s worse is that the said bestfriend of the dog was so cruel that he hided the dog inside a garbage bag next to the road. 10 more words

"If he were still here, I'd be mad."

Five hours in Portland and I’ve already overdone my coffee intake, panic-ordered the wrong sandwich, and had one Oreo-covered VooDoo donut.

My heart hurts and my stomach aches and I feel like all the things I’ve been avoiding have suddenly caught up to me, and I am in no space to deal with them. 328 more words


Halloween, already?

Must of come quick this year….

Vampires have been all the rage since the Blade / Underworld movies.. Not Twilight, c’mon…

This image came was pretty fun to work on. 49 more words


After seeing you for the first time I knew you would occupy my thoughts for the rest of eternity. After watching you dance around the room so effortlessly I couldn’t help but feel envious of your carefree soul. 318 more words


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