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You worship fear

Every religion preaches love.

Every religion teaches that love is the key to salvation.

or is it?

The fundament of religion is fear.

How can one love a God, he/she has never sensed? 315 more words


to grasp eternity
to hold its weight
conceive it in its entirety
is more than a burden
it is a weakness
crippling and debilitating
it is to be… 99 more words


Authenticity is elusive.

A recent article in The Washington Post by Caitlin Dewey is titled “Is Beme a cure for social media app-apthy?”. The article goes on to discuss in detail the idea around “authenticity” and how authenticity is constructed. 114 more words

Tom Thomson


Without the beauty of grace,
The hope of a life
after this one,
The incessant dissatisfaction of
Believing there is
so much more,
What is there but… 213 more words


What is Death?

Recently, I went to the funeral of my paternal grandfather. 276 more words


'To sleep, perchance to dream'

Although I’m paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this article is NOT about thoughts of suicide.

This is about dreams and more specifically how they’re completely knackering and weirding me out. 334 more words

Mental Health

Why do we fear death?

Why do you fear death? Or why don’t you fear death?

Death is so powerful. Its darkness can illuminate a light of discovery for those who are living. 232 more words