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I Am Not The Devil

I am an atheist, but not the devil
Although those religious might say
I don’t worship the devil or a god
I simply live life day to day… 204 more words

Hell is Empty

I have a really good friend who converted to Catholicism when she got married. Like me, she is passionate about her spirituality, so although our beliefs differ wildly we always have plenty to talk about. 279 more words

Metaphysical Articles

Hell - not a threat to an atheist

The idea of Hell is a very good thing to use when keeping ancient, superstitious people in line. But humans these days have mostly grown out of it – at least the atheist population. 414 more words


Light Workers Unite: Rock Country Singer Rod Black Share's His Near Death Experience & Outlook On Life!

When I was six years old I flat lined after enduring a severe Grand-Mal (Tonic Clonic) seizure. Although I was so young, I was given the gift of intuition and understand through my near death experience that we are not alone, and that there is so much more beyond this physical realm. 2,141 more words

oh Truthful Lord You once said to go, you are the king of the world. But did You ever ask oh Beautiful Lord what this world has done to Your king? 148 more words

“Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” by Alexander Eben, M.D.

I would not call myself religious. I do have faith. There are many things in this world that science alone cannot explain. Even a sense a contentment or happiness could be explained scientifically by the influence of dopamine on neuroreceptors, but that does not give credit to the way those feelings wash over us, making us feel as if things are right with the world. 539 more words


And Then I Woke Up

It’s well over two years now since we parted in the physical sense.
In that time I have found comfort in what I have come to believe is his presence. 239 more words