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Run Baby Run

Run baby run, have full fun,
Indulge in glamour, indulge in all that money can buy,
East deliciously, your bellyful, never be hungry,
Entertainment is all around, fill your eyes with lust and gold… 146 more words


The Point

You could fly

Or you could fall

It’s not my job to force you

One way or another

It will resolve

Regardless of whether you choose to… 68 more words


"R.I.P." by Nigel Williams (2015)

“‘George!’ said Esmerelda, in a more than usually irritable tone. ‘Are you just going to lie there all day?'”

I’m not especially scared of death, but what will annoy me most about it is not knowing how everything turns out. 561 more words


The Creation of Time (A Poem)

Lunar mountains fall prey to the ravages of time

Howling on the footprints of darkened illusions

Hercules in his infinite wisdom

Gathers dew dust from the dawn… 64 more words

Channeled Spirit Communication

Why do believers cry at funerals?

Is it because they are upset that a loved one has entered eternal bliss and they have not?! Or is is down to a lack of faith that a loved one has entered an afterlife? 22 more words


Afterlife at ADE Amsterdam: the set times!

The countdown for Afterlife at Ade 2016 has started. October 20th at Media Haven Amsterdam – with Tale of us – will play Dixon, Ame & Rodhad, Gerd Janson, Mathew Jonson (live), Mind Against… 18 more words

Dandy in a Revolution (A Poem)

Mind the turtle and fetch a dove

To loosen the button on your perfumed glove

The wigs they were powdered

The dresses immense

The scene it was daring… 183 more words

Channeled Spirit Communication