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Just A Bullet.

Just a bullet. Just a gun. I walk in. The gun is stable in my hand. It is the man’s end.

The man wiggles. He tries to slip away. 177 more words


Three Best and Worst Reasons to Meditate

The three reasons people meditate are: to attain salvation; to gain superpowers; or, to get relaxation or health benefits.

The best reason I can think of to meditate is to seek salvation. 975 more words


Deal 468: Unexpectedly dead

I may have been overconfident.

That may be an overstatement.

Apparently I am dead, but the system is pretending I am alive to “allow me time to adjust”. 168 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 468 Preview

Root and Branch:
Afterlife, Cat, Prudence, Fish, balm, Infinite, fork.

Daily Deal

Tonight's Song

Like walking into a dream, so unlike what you’ve seen.
So unsure but it seems, ’cause we’ve been waiting for you.
Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste. 216 more words


I Came Out Three Years Ago

Coming Out the Video ⬇️

Coming Out the Poem ⬇️

Micro-managing gratitude is what I do to get to a feel good place when my head launches an attack on my mind field. 636 more words


What now?

As I looked down at the funeral paraphernalia on Dad’s coffin, I wondered what happens now. To be more specific, what do Buddhists believe happens when a person dies? 156 more words