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Tanka 10

Watching my approach
I stand alone before you —
outside heavens gate
you would always push me down
towards the demons playground


Otherworldly (Quote)

“We leave the higher realms to go out and have adventures in the world. It is a privilege and worth the difficulty.” ~ The Afterlife of Billy Fingers


Paranormal Community Truth: You Don't Know Everything

As a person who has actively researched the paranormal for over twenty years, I find myself amused and disgusted with the fact that the paranormal community seems to attract so many egotistical, self proclaimed experts. 1,133 more words


The Magic of the Veil

The Magic of the Veil

Halloween was originally referred to as “All Hallow’s Eve”, the name given to the holiday because of its placement near the Christian church’s holiday of “All Saints” day, or “All Hallows”. 1,043 more words


Two Lifetimes

Today the farthest is closest to us.
Unseen by naked eyes, undiscoverable by observation.
Known by calculation, prediction and some faith
Frozen home for a banished sea god. 86 more words