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Four Weeks + Spirituality

Today makes four weeks since my love ended her life in this world. I have experienced the lowest of lows, and don’t even know how I’m still here right now. 144 more words


The Swallowing


(Do you know where you’re going to?)


He falls from on high, like a

Trumpet of soul, blown into

A basking of flight… 70 more words

Afterlife Interview with Benjamin Orr from The Cars (A Chat)

For our interview with Ben, Marc kept it brief as his main purpose for coming was to let his family, friends and fans know that he was still reachable. 1,217 more words

Channeled Spirit Communication

Tests In Life

Everything in life is a test. Sometimes happiness is a test and other times sadness is a test. Poverty and richness are tests. At times we don’t know what really is a test but it could be a test. 39 more words


These days you can find Anubis

playing a komboloi’s beads

around his hand, over a glass

of raki and strong ground coffee;

deliberating over the weight… 100 more words

Poetry And Kitchen-sink Metaphysics

A New Life

The traffic lights were moving in my head,

My eyelids closed as I was struggling in my bed.

Felt myslef in the womb of discomfort, tied down to a sharp thread, 60 more words

​she is a dying storm. her time is up, she’s riled enough people to keep her history alive. her flame is out. the hollow in her voice is a virus waiting to spread. 157 more words