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I have been feeling something big is going to happen, and I don’t know what it is, and it’s not a bad thing but  there is so much powerful energy coming at us all at the moment… 374 more words

Spiritual Scenery

Selection from Arcana Coelestia – Emanuel Swedenborg
Concerning Angelic Paradisal Scenes, and Their Dwellings

When man’s interior sight is opened, which is the sight of his spirit, the things in the other life appear, which cannot possibly be made visible to the sight of the body. 2,512 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Free Sparkle! (or Free Books!)

Everyone loves free books, right? I know I do.

I’m going to be celebrating this weekend for two reasons: I’m moving in with the man I love (YAY!) and I’ll be taking part in the MS Walk again, with him and my family and friends walking with me! 642 more words

Fairy Tals


Dreams we dropped
Targets we forgot to pick up
Blessings we got
Prayers we forgot to link up
Crushes we had
Lovers with whom we broke up… 85 more words

Pistols In Poetry

Witness at a Funeral

Mary wanted to cry as she listened to the pastor give his eulogy, but she couldn’t. It was not because the words did not move her, they did. 597 more words


Dis-stress-ation: The Review

Dear students,

Well that just happened. Dissertation hand-in week. I WASN’T EVEN DOING MY DISSERTATION AND I WAS WORRIED FOR YOU! You’ve got me feeling worried for you. 362 more words