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The Lord of the cemetery: Afterlife and its laws

You do not know when it comes. So, be prepared, get smart. Always does the right things, to death do not surprise you.  

Die, everyone will!

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After Death


I used to be a very emotional person, one thing others can never tell about me

because of my strong personality outside.

I am not good, I also committed mistakes just like anybody, … 286 more words


On Living to be 100

A few weeks ago, a friend and I exchanged thoughts about living to be 100, and this was my reply: “Nah. I really don’t want to live that long. 555 more words


Getting Higher..

Sometimes writing down a painful emotion helps release it. After I posted ‘River of Tears’ on Monday, it was as if I had stuck a pin in a balloon or lanced a boil. 318 more words



When you depart to that other world
It is not that gloomy and grey
As death is just another word
For an eternal life that is gay… 159 more words

Poem, Poetry

Churchill Street Musings 18

Mommy come play with me

down in the street

The church bells have woken

all those now asleep

The daisies and devil’s heads

are now intertwined… 24 more words



MOKSHA (Liberation) is generally believed to be a state available after death.  The perception around this is flawed.  Since no one knows what happens after death, how can liberation be experienced after death ?  372 more words