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Epistolary Experiment (29/30)

“EILAN (CRIMSON EXPANSE) – The Third Border War, or the Core War, is finally over. In amendments to the Republic-Worlds Demarcation Convention, signed today by Minister Plenipotentiary Elyse Phylarius for the Empire and the Worlds, and Admiral Irjen Tarvil for the Voniensa Republic, the belligerents agreed to a cease-fire in place, followed in the coming weeks by a staged withdrawal to the military  900 more words


Tiny is Killing the Shoe Game

I only get to see Tiny on Sundays here at Radio One but her shoe game is always on point.  Today she’s flossing the “lower end” of her shoe collection with a pair of Bebe booties. 50 more words


and the bombs explode
and they expose your heart
and for one second a periwinkle dust fills the air
and you think ‘man, what a beautiful sight’ 17 more words

Va. Beach residents deal with snow aftermath

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Life in Hampton Roads is slowing getting back to normal with most main roads clear of snow, partially because of the sun. 288 more words

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migraine pre-cursors versus aftermath

So I’m still feeling rough today and it set me wondering what is really going on? My head feels like it is being gently squeezed in a vice (perhaps I should say a clamp, I don’t know how well a vice translates?) and the left side of my face is feeling that numb sensation that starts around my eye and extends around the socket and down over my cheek. 183 more words


History and Its Aftermath

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’ –George Santayana[1]


Before going into discussion on history and its aftermaths, I shall attempt to answer several questions:- 1,586 more words