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She believes in love again...

– When will you be leaving?

My Silver Fox looks into my eyes, holding them fixed. A smile playing in the angle of his mouth, a tear threatening to burst its way from behind his eye. 315 more words


Bible Aftermath

The inevitable aftermath for being is turning into .

Ibrahim Ibrahim

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Three That Can't Fix Everything (2016)

1. Mama.
2. Daddy.
3. The expert.
To take the path-
To attempt to fix
the after math.


Upsetting Things

There are things that I still can’t do or be around and I don’t know why. Is it PTSD? It has been a few years. I know that there are certain things that I have not even begun to attempt to deal with, but are these things really related to PTSD. 461 more words


News: Dr. Dre Filming Apple's First Scripted TV Show

In a not-so-surprising-but-still-surprising turn of events, Apple announced today that they’ll actually be diving into the original TV show world. Who’s going to be the first one joining them with this venture? 30 more words

North 6th

Statistics are more than Numbers

There are so many statistics out there about rape and assault. They are all frustrating and disheartening. All these statistics just seem unreal. The most frustrating part about it all though really, is when the reality hits you that you are now a part of them. 369 more words


The Lonely Feeling

I remember when I was struggling the most after the rape and hope utterly alone I felt. I told a few close people to me but none of the people I told reacted very kindly. 440 more words