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Drunk black out

Panic insues

My life is fragmented

I have spoken to you

You made me feel safe

But now you are gone

I am just broken records… 7 more words

Interview with talented young actress Taylor Hickson

Taylor Hickson is known for her roles in SyFy’s hit series “Aftermath” and “Deadpool.” See Taylor’s cool new film “Residue” which was released on VOD and digital platforms across Canada and the US this week. 462 more words


So I’m single and endlessly pining for this big idiot who can’t get his head out of his ass and I’m thinking to myself …. do you really love this human or is there more? 231 more words

DVD & Blu-ray review: "Aftermath" (2017)

“Aftermath” (2017)


Running Time: 92 minutes

Written: Javier Gullón

Directed by: Elliott Lester

Featuring:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy, Maggie Grace and Martin Donovan.

Roman: 1,296 more words

My iPod #561: The Rolling Stones - I Am Waiting

I’m not the biggest Rolling Stones fan. Not that I have anything against them as people or the music they make. I listened to what is considered to be their golden streak of albums from 1968’s… 225 more words


Snoke Theory No. 2187

Supreme Leader Snoke. The antagonist of the Sequel Trilogy. The antithesis to Luke Skywalker. The Emperor’s replacement. What do we know about him? Very little. What could we piece together to form a theory? 1,667 more words