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Afternoon Tea (pt4)


“Blblblbp Orchid you say? Some interest, cousin Lawrence used to grow orchids, before, before…” and Clancy sniffs in an affected way, Yolanda rushes over with a hanky “there there Clancy don’t upset yourself with that story.” “Blblblp most kind” he says dabbing his beak with the hanky “orchids always make me think of him.” The Furnissons look confused so Yolanda goes over to them and says as quietly as she can “he’s very sensitive, his cousin was eaten by a large omnivore, it’s a sad tale.” The Furnissons look more intrigued than sympathetic “eaten you say, meow meow, hmm well that’s a thing isn’t it, a giant Turkey all eaten up, bones licked clean I imagine.” Suddenly Mr Furnisson whirls round to Clancy “Mr Butterball, it would be my honour to even give you this orchid in memory of dear cousin Lawrence, god rest his soul!” At this rather gusto filled gesture Clancy is quite overcome “Blblblbp, most kind, can hardly refuse, must pop home first then will come straight over, shall we say around blblblblbp 7 o clock?” “Why Mr Butterball, you’ve read my mind, you’ll be our guest for dinner of course?” “Blbllp, gracious acceptance, will bring own gift, most agreeable, blblblblp” and with that the Turkey ups and bustles off. 1,089 more words

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea (pt3)

To Yolanda’s pleasure, and to her surprise, Morris and the Furnissons hit it off immediately, and the tea party seems a success. Admittedly Herbert Jackson seems somewhat antipathetic towards the new arrivals, and shortly thereafter, makes his excuses and leaves. 623 more words

Afternoon Tea

On Toast - spinach, egg and ham.

Calories: 271
Carbs: 34gm | Fats:6 | Protein:16


  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice ciabatta bread
  • 50gm baby spinach
  • 1/4 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 2 slices ham…
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Afternoon Tea In London: Where To Find The Best!

London is an incredible city and whether you live in the capital or you are a tourist, it is a place to head for those special occasions or just to reconnect with some old friends. 493 more words


Review: Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons in Hampshire is a place of luxury, and with that comes a hefty price tag. For afternoon tea it’s £30 per head – with an extra £12 for bubbles. 347 more words


Who are the Scone Rangers?

In recent times  Afternoon Tea is making a renaissance away from the quintessentially decadent British spot of Tiffin that was once a luxury outing to something that is becoming more accepted as just simply an Afternoon Tea date with girlfriends. 815 more words

Afternoon Tea

BVLGARI Afternoon Tea at The Palace Downtown Dubai

In a land of fashionable afternoon teas, it doesn’t get more glamorous than a pairing with BVLGARI. In what promises to be the most stylish of afternoon affairs, The Palace Downtown Dubai presents an exclusive and luxurious afternoon tea experience inspired by the Eaux Parfumées Collection by BVLGARI every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday throughout the month of March. 178 more words

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