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Blue Flag

Signaling early summer along the West River.


Another Friday

This is one of those pre-weekend walkabouts. You know the moment when everything’s done that can be done, and it’s now time to get out and relax… 351 more words


Late Afternoon Sun

A photo taken at UNSW on Sunday, this one was.

This gives a strong sense of how bright the sun can at times appear.

I like how it casts everything in shadow . 92 more words


5 Reasons why you should workout with a friend

Many people chose to workout alone, this maybe the only way that you can fit exercise into your busy schedule, which is fine.

But sharing your workout with someone else can be very useful and here is why… 73 more words

How to Host an Afternoon Tea Party

When thinking about tea parties, one can find themselves overwhelmed with thoughts of the British gentry scenes like “Alice in Wonderland” or something from the Victorian Era, with Victorian décor, blue haired ladies and lets not talk about the hats and dresses, and pinky fingers stuck up in the air. 568 more words


First tiny step

Disclaimer : Summer afternoons have lead me here. So blame them if you hated here.

You know afternoons have so much to offer you, apart from those extended power naps. 142 more words

Yellow Flag

A precocious crowd at the water’s edge.