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A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin's 'Afternoons'

A summary of a great Larkin poem

‘Afternoons’, like a number of Philip Larkin’s other poems, treats the theme of the passing of youth and the setting-in of middle age. 749 more words


5 things right now: Summer through my Iphone

I have to admit that even though I thought my arm would be useless forever, I am starting to feel a little better. When I say a little better I mean I can move my fingers now and grab a cup of coffee with my right hand again. 213 more words

Monday Lists

Mid-Summer Day

Give me harmonica in the afternoons
Because the tree branches dance
And they need that windy violin
I need it too

Chime me into oblivion… 76 more words


“After luncheon the sun, conscious that it was Saturday, would blaze an hour longer in the zenith,...”

The mornings are fresh and cool. It is in the afternoons when the days become uncomfortable, hot and  humid. I turn on the air conditioning and shut out the world. 309 more words


Paddy Hills Cafe

Somewhat over the hills and not so far away, a little cafe came out to play.


Dramatic Stages in Nature

The subtle wonders of the natures start setting up,

Laying themselves to be a dramatic staged play.

Showcasing the cerulean blue of early mornings,

Potraying the tanginess of the orange afternoons, 214 more words

Literally Literary

paperbark wetlands

barefoot forest steps
finds sun-stained river grasses
windless and silent.

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