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Urban Gardening: Regrowing Lettuce Stumps in Water

I asked my students if they thought it possible to regrow stumps of lettuce that were destined for the trash. The stumps were declared garbage—they wouldn’t be used for juicing, compost, vegetable stamp prints, or anything else. 689 more words


A Clean Environment for Yoga Class

The unofficial theme for my afterschool class on Thursdays is clean because it’s Yoga day. Everything has to be refreshingly clean, tidy, and in order—before class and after class. 107 more words


Reminder: Sign up for Session 3!

Registration for Session 3 of the Afterschool program runs from February 6th thru February 8th from 3pm-5pm in main building. The last day to sign up will be February 8th.

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Snack Time: Ten Tangerines

Snack time in my Afterschool class is always an exciting endeavor. Being health-conscious, it’s my duty to offer wholesome vittles to my students, especially since there’s a dearth of healthy food options available where I teach. 80 more words


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I should get Brownie Points or a Gold Star every time I fully stock my daughters after school snack bins.  I always feel like mom-of-the-year when the bins are full.  Haha!

Underperforming Inner City Children Need Access

Recently I’ve found that more than discipline, referrals, suspension, and medication, many underperforming inner city children need one simple thing to increase their performance—access… 856 more words