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Afterwards: adv.  at a later and/or future time and/or after something has happened

Afterwards means at a later or future time and sometimes it is conditional or only after something happens first. 105 more words

Common Sense


This is how we move
now, in the aftermath 
in the silence
in their absence

This is how we monitor
here and now, in the passing… 91 more words


Daughter Wanted The Beautiful Dress, What Her Blind Father Did Afterwards, Will Surely Make You Cry!

It is true that a parent would do anything for their children. Even if it means doing the impossible. They would cross the river, climb the mountain and even grab the brightest stars for their child if it is what is best for them. 13 more words


And where will lust take me afterwards; to another book about you, to a set of poems for you, to a hidden one-way communique to you. 15 more words


Wow - 12 months without a post

Problem with being a full-time geek – time can run away with you. It’s been a busy year, but only about 10,000 of the million odd words from the last year went into my new book. A little sad…


Four Years On

When it reaches this time of year the air is chilly and the sun rises much later than the summer months. The dark, cold mornings sends me back four years as if it were yesterday. 1,150 more words


Weekly Round-up: 10/10/2015

I’ve been more and more inactive over the past few weeks and that’s something I’m really not happy about in regards to my blog. However, whilst I’ve not been posting I’ve been hearing more and more music I want to write about and I’ve been sent a few requests for reviews. 1,661 more words