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Alberta Art Gallery's upcoming exhibit buoyed by record-breaking Canadian art sale

The Art Gallery of Alberta says the record-breaking sale of a Canadian painting last month is building quite a buzz around Canadian art and history just as the gallery gets set to unveil a new exhibit featuring some of the country’s most celebrated landscape artists. 478 more words


Mince Pies

This post is not about telling you how to make mince pies.  To be perfectly honest, as I may have mentioned before, I don’t rate my pastry-making skills and would not presume to pass on any tips, because you are probably all much better at it than me. 242 more words


Why oh why do humans always have to spoil things? Life here was comfortable, reasonably predictable and more peaceful since my sister departed this life in May. 340 more words


Bride cooks beans for her wedding (Rousse)

My sister S stirred an enormous steaming pan of green beans on the Aga.

‘Why are you cooking in such quantities?’ I asked her.

‘I’m catering for my wedding next week, of course’ she replied. 29 more words

Christmas Pudding

As I confessed in my recent Christmas Cake post here I don’t always do a homemade Christmas pudding.  After writing that, it struck me that this was really very lazy of me.   495 more words

Norwegian Bløtkake

This traditional Norwegian celebration cake (translation: soft cake) is part of my childhood in a way that no other food is.  My grandmother, aunts, and mother all baked it regularly when I was growing up and then my mother passed the recipe on to me.   743 more words