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Ciabatta Problems

Hello from a new Bee HQ – the Bees have moved west a couple of counties and we have emerged from under the packing boxes (some of us more successfully than others). 401 more words


Tarts and Scones

Making tarts or quiches in an Aga could not be easier because you do not have to bake the pastry blind.  Take the tart above, which I made on Friday.   897 more words

Sun, hot water,healthy food - HAPPY DAYS!

It’s been a beautiful week here, sunny every day and warm enough to warrant the bedroom window being open every night. A state I can’t recall experiencing since we were in France last summer. 540 more words

Farm Fresh Cooking with AGA Total Control

Inspired by family farming roots, Maple Lodge Farms brings that true Farm Fresh meaning to the table. And what better way to treat that quality of meat than with Total Control. 120 more words

Cool Products

AGA sing with heart, sing with romance


她是筆者近年最喜歡的一位singer-songwriter,不只因音樂上的喜愛,而是她有種個性魅力吸引著你,然而那份率真性格也間接造就了她能唱出感情的原因。If you wanna be touched, first thing to learn is to sing from your heart.

從小抱擁音樂夢的Aga,後來認識Ted Lo、張學友御用鼓手Anthony Fernandes,然後經Anthony又認識了舒文,即現任的老闆。Aga說,想起那些年邊當空姐,同時又要定期交歌的日子,每日平均只有3、4小時的睡眠時間。

經歷過4年時間的空姐生涯,Aga說最初入錄音室錄歌是非常不習慣,舒文會形容我是「空姐mode」上身,因為空姐無論面對甚麼情況,也要保持1種冷靜兼有禮的態度,但舒文就要求我把喜怒哀樂盡情發洩出,他經常跟我說:「你可唔可以唔好十足空姐咁,問人要chicken or beef啦!」 13 more words


Mrs A

No country British home is complete without its Mrs A. She cooks, helps with the laundry, and—most importantly my first few days here—keeps everyone warm. 251 more words