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Star Trek Enterprise: Live By the Code - Christopher L. Bennett

Well this is Part 4 in the series so far and wraps up many loose ends established in previous ones, leaving one to wonder will there be another book. 71 more words


Utopia: The White Island Diaries – Blog 41

The last few days have been spent with ‘The Wrinklies’ having treated them to a surprise holiday on the stunning White Island – Eivissa/Ibiza. And I have to say it has been fantastic. 1,168 more words


Having Fun

Stress can suck the very life out of you if you let it. One of my best coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s trials is writing. 426 more words

Setting Our Sights on a World without Malaria

By Erika Mills

Around 3.2 billion people—nearly half the world’s population—are at risk for malaria. In 2015, 214 million were infected and 438,000 died of the disease… 951 more words



She said it from her heart,
and bounded it with her soul.
A promise to ne’er part
from the love that made her whole.

Some questioned her decision, 102 more words

Genghis Khan - Jack Weatherford

Quite an informative read. We are taken for a walk through the life of the famous Genghis khan. From a nobody to the greatest commander ever. 222 more words


Yes I said it...

I was at the track again today, but I was testing stuff I can’t make public at this time! Sorry! Instead I thought I would clear something up, as well as make it public, so I can’t get lazy about it. 594 more words