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Star Trek Enterprise - Uncertain Logic

While i have always been a big trek fan i haven’t really gotten into the books. Most of the series have a finale that wraps up all lose ends why continue writing more stories?. 138 more words


Lightning Oak ...

Mama Natures Miraculous ways .. Lightning Oak as a force of Nature

Great great grandpa Oak here, was Hit by lightning about 13 years ago … sending all his branches flying when  .. 273 more words


Endurance Shackleton's Incredible Voyage - Alfred Lansing

Not long ago i was flicking through my photos  of my trip  to Antarctica and i stumbled upon a picture of our kayak guide. yes that’s right we kayaked in the waters around Antarctica. 238 more words


Why Try?

Someone I know has had an agonizing time trying to get a family member out of a foreign country. The specifics must be withheld, for good reason. 289 more words


Well, time for another wee blog post from me.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ALL sorts of things.  I have a couple of new pendants to introduce to you … but I’ll share the story of why I made them first :) 1,531 more words

Baby Loss

INCLUSION - A Devastating Irony

NCLUSION – A Devastating Irony

We have spent the start of the Easter holidays doing the same typical things of families everywhere. We’ve travelled to grandparents, been to watch the football, a trip to the seaside, eaten well and scoffed lots of treats. 835 more words

Down's Syndrome