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Coming Home

I love coming home.  That little corner of the world where you can just be you.  No pretending.  No one to impress.  The people at home know you as you and love you regardless.   351 more words

The Dog Stars - Peter Heller

The world has changed some kind of super bug wipes out most of the population leaving small pockets of survivors. We pick our story up about 10 years after this event. 284 more words


Into My Notebooks: Against the Odds

I’m starting a new series of blog posts as of today, a weekly endeavor, to discuss my process a bit more thoroughly. Each week I’ll feature one notebook (or binder,or file folder, as is the case today) in my massive stack of notes. 1,066 more words

Charlotte Blackwood

In Such a Rain

How do moths fly

in such a rain?


driven hard

by miles of lake

and open sky,

propel the drops

in slanting descent,

wild and fierce… 65 more words

Daily Journal


Whilst I am not an advocate of the line “everything happens for a reason” I certainly believe that everything thrown at us shapes, moulds and influences who we are – and there is no doubt that life guides us down certain paths and chance meetings in a way that seems too perfect to have been random. 1,402 more words

Down's Syndrome

Star Trek Enterprise - Uncertain Logic

While i have always been a big trek fan i haven’t really gotten into the books. Most of the series have a finale that wraps up all lose ends why continue writing more stories?. 138 more words


Lightning Oak ...

Mama Natures Miraculous ways .. Lightning Oak as a force of Nature

Great great grandpa Oak here, was Hit by lightning about 13 years ago … sending all his branches flying when  .. 273 more words