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for Miren Korkuera Iturbe, part II

-Miren, me comentaron que nombrar tus imágenes como imágenes vampiros no era la asociación más acertada. //– Μίρεν, μου είπαν πως η ονομασία των εικόνων σου ως 505 more words


Re-examining the Holocaust: The Triumph of Humanity over Inhumanity

Re-examining the Holocaust: The Triumph of Humanity over Inhumanity

By Elias Pogany

‘And yet we have not forgotten that we are human beings, not degenerate, primitive creatures … we want to go on living and remain free, creative human beings. 1,223 more words

Popular sovereignty and trinity

Popular sovereignty is triune. The Father is the popular sovereign as such, which is the source of its two hypostases or actualizations: the state and the market. 114 more words


Towards a Sociology of the ‘Non-Self': Part 3

The term  homo sacer  was used in ancient Roman religion to refer to someone who was expunged from society and deprived of all rights, and protection. 467 more words

Is New Imperialism the Ultimate Sovereign? Gangs, drugs and bare life in Honduras

I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Honduras, home to the ‘murder capital’ of the world, in view of our class on necropolitics, biopolitics and the homo sacer. 1,151 more words

tries again

Something more concrete, this time around. Society of control, we have your number.
The funny thing about the movements we make … a friend once told me that, even if we managed to duck out from under the state, live away from it, we would only ever be the always already accounted for exceptions to the rule. 49 more words

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