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Video lecture on Kierkegaard and Agamben

This video is a recording of a paper presented at a conference dvoted to Søren Kierkegaard at the University of Gdansk, Poland, in April 2013. The paper discusses the notion of leaps that we find in Kierkegaard and makes links to Pascal and the recent work of Giorgio Agamben on power. 19 more words

Theology And Philosophy

Agamben translation update

I have completed a full draft of my translation of Agamben’s Karman: A Brief Treatise on Action, Guilt, and Gesture. A lot of work remains to polish and whip it into bibliographical shape, but that is all mop-up. 190 more words


Three Perspectives on Death, Suicide and Mass Murder - Part I

Achille Mbembe – Necropolitics

Mbembe’s hugely influential paper presents theorizes the relationship between the constitution of sovereignty and “the generalized instrumentalization of human existence and the material destruction of human bodies and populations”. 1,878 more words


Di Giorgio Agamben:

Dovrebbe essere chiaro, infatti, che in una società dominata dall’utilità, proprio le cose inutili diventano un bene da salvaguardare. A questa categoria appartiene lo studio.

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Capital Direct Democracy

Agamben: A democracia é um conceito ambíguo

Entrevista com Giorgio Agamben

“Diria que a democracia é menos um conceito genérico do que ambíguo. Usamos esse conceito como se fosse a mesma coisa na Atenas do século V e nas democracias contemporâneas.

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Capital Direct Democracy

A Question Regarding Agamben

As a student whose research deals prominently with what Gil Anidjar refers to as the ‘Christian question’–the significance of Christianity for the distribution of things like the divide between religion and politics, philosophy and economy, etc.–I’ve found my attention drawn in most of my recent work (including my dissertation research) to materials that are probably best periodized as ‘medieval.’ That means that something that I find myself needing to think and rethink on a regular basis is the relation between two divides: the divide between the secular and the religious, and the divide between the medieval and the modern. 550 more words

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