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The Think & The Do : Catch a Tip

This is a mayhemic article about a pattern I meet everyday these days.

(As you know, when you spot then notice a pattern, you see it everywhere, right?) 421 more words

Spinoza: on potestas and potentia in Ethics V

In a wonderful essay on the question of whether the State is an individual in Spinoza’s sense, Alexandre Matheron notes, almost as an aside, that the distinction between  1,674 more words

The Real Meaning of Plato's Crito

The Crito is probably the most famous Platonic dialogue after Republic, or it certainly is one of the more memorable dialogues and rivals Phaedo… 1,874 more words


Agamben and Schmitt: On The Problem of Sovereignty

The question of sovereignty is a hotly debated and studied one in political philosophy.  Sovereignty, traditionally, means the right to decide to kill; or, more benignly, the right to exercise control over mortality – the right to “decide on the exception.”  This is the universal definition of sovereignty and therefore sovereignty does not equate to “autonomy” or the freedom of human choice in a consumer sense. 2,198 more words

Political Theory

The Monopoly on Violence

The monopoly on violence is one of the key characteristics of modern public law, modern political philosophy, and is the famous definition of the modern state according to Max Weber in… 1,657 more words


ALTculture 2/2018: Moartea filosofiei și fitnessul

De Mădălin Matica

Sunt creștin-ortodox. și sunt mândru de asta. În fapt, ar trebui să justificăm ortodoxia noastră (în fața noastră doar) pentru a putea justifica mândria intrinsecă. 239 more words


O camponês e o operário

Por Giorgio Agamben:

Os historiadores do futuro não deixarão de se espantar com o fato de que para fazer desaparecer uma cultura – que, em suas linhas gerais, havia permanecido inalterada por cinquenta mil anos – tenha sido preciso tão pouco tempo.

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Social Struggles