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Agamben's Philosophical Lineage: Manuscript submitted!

Today we compiled and submitted the final manuscript for Agamben’s Philosophical Lineage, the edited volume on Agamben’s many interlocutors that Carlo Salzani and I have been working on for seemingly all eternity (in reality, at least 18 months). 35 more words

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“Le camp est l’espace qui s’ouvre lorsque l’état d’exception commence à devenir la règle.”

Giorgio Agamben, Homo sacer. I, Le pouvoir souverain et la vie nue (Homo sacer.
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Traduit / Translated / Traducido

The enslaved will

One thing that is strange about the debate over free will between Erasmus and Luther is that they are arguing on two very different levels. Erasmus is the voice of common sense — “if we don’t have free will, then how can we be morally judged?” — whereas Luther takes the apparently loony position that we both lack free will and stand under the most severe possible judgment. 484 more words


The Destruction of Experience

Today, however, we know that the destruction of experience no longer necessitates a catastrophe, and that humdrum daily life in any city will suffice.  For modern man’s average day contains virtually nothing that can still be translated into experience.   151 more words

Giorgio Agamben

Dead Time

The modern concept of time is a secularization of rectilinear, irreversible Christian time, albeit sundered from any notion of end and emptied of any other meaning but that of a structured process in terms of before and after.   76 more words

Giorgio Agamben

Time & History

Marx’s conception of history has an altogether different context.  For him history is not something into which man falls, something that merely expresses the being-in-time of the human mind, it is man’s original dimension as  336 more words

Giorgio Agamben

Democracy as Enemy, Democratic as Fanatic

Responses to The Coming Insurrection are ambivalent, with some claiming it to be an important volume of left-wing theory, while others seeing in it elements of anti-modern thought and right-wing extreme fundamentalism. 424 more words

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