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Stasis: Civil War as Threshold Between Infrapolitics and Politics

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Giorgio Agamben’s short book Stasis: Civil War as a Political Paradigm comprises two brief essays, one on the Athenian concept of “stasis” or civil war, the other on the role of the multitude in Hobbes’s… 709 more words


How do you eat the world's biggest pizza?

The other day, the city of Naples in Italy built the world’s longest pizza: two kilometres of classic margherita, snaking all along the famous waterfront like a sea wall, a last line of defence against floods or volcanoes. 1,405 more words

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Dreamers, they never learn

Radiohead belong to ‘rock,’ and if rock has a characteristic subject, as country music’s is small pleasures in hard times (getting by), and rap’s is success in competition (getting over), that subject must be freedom from constraint (getting free).

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Bare Life By Ewa Plonowska Ziarek

One of the most important new concepts introduced in contemporary theory is Georgio Agamben’s notion of bare life. Agamben’s crucial contribution allows us not only to revise the Foucauldian theory of biopower, but also to rethink the political contradictions of modernity. 161 more words

Homo Sacer, Part 1: §3-4

Here is the reading for Saturday, May 7.  A printable copy is here, and we will meet here at 4:30.

In the first two sections, Agamben argued that there is a paradox inherent to sovereignty: sovereignty must be both inside and outside the law.   3,725 more words


Political Animal Reading Group, The Showroom, May 3rd


The discussion continues on Tuesday 3 May with: Tick (pp. 45-47) and Poverty in World (pp. 49-56) from Giorgio Agamben’s The Open; Thinking like a mountain… 49 more words


Islands. The geography of extraterritoriality By Anselm Franke and Eyal Weizman

Cut apart by linear borders, the state system – a territorially based juridical formation – appeared to dominate all forms of sovereignty over individuals and action. 90 more words