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Homo Sacer, Part 1: §3-4

Here is the reading for Saturday, May 7.  A printable copy is here, and we will meet here at 4:30.

In the first two sections, Agamben argued that there is a paradox inherent to sovereignty: sovereignty must be both inside and outside the law.   3,725 more words


Political Animal Reading Group, The Showroom, May 3rd


The discussion continues on Tuesday 3 May with: Tick (pp. 45-47) and Poverty in World (pp. 49-56) from Giorgio Agamben’s The Open; Thinking like a mountain… 49 more words


Islands. The geography of extraterritoriality By Anselm Franke and Eyal Weizman

Cut apart by linear borders, the state system – a territorially based juridical formation – appeared to dominate all forms of sovereignty over individuals and action. 90 more words

A reply to Steve Buttes on infrapolitics. (Gerardo Muñoz)

Steve Buttes’ “Some questions for infrapolitics” is an intelligent and generous effort that engages with several key problems at the heart of the ongoing collective project of ‘Infrapolitical Deconstruction’. 1,604 more words

Homo Sacer, Part 1: §1-2

Here is the reading for April 23.  You can find a printable copy here, and we meet at 4:30 here.


The Greeks had no single term for what we mean by “life”.   3,734 more words


The Use of Bodies, Prologue (Agamben)

1. It is curious how in Guy Debord a lucid awareness of the insufficiency of private life was accompanied by a more or less conscious conviction that there was, in his own existence or in that of his friends, something unique and exemplary, which demanded to be recorded and communicated. 2,741 more words


Flush democracy down the toilet

An excerpt from Obama’s speech to the Cuban people:

“So here’s my message to the Cuban government and the Cuban people. The ideals that are the starting point for every revolution: America’s revolution, Cuba’s revolution, the liberation movements around the world. 333 more words