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ON DESTROYING WHAT DESTROYS YOU: Hostis interviews Thomas Nail

An interview with Thomas Nail. For original piece click here.

Hostis: One may see the aims of Hostis and feel a tinge of moral discomfort when it begins to ask questions regarding the status of migrants, of refugees, and of exiles… 3,298 more words

A feature, not a bug: Agamben on Heidegger and Schmitt

This utterly phoned-in article on the continuing hand-wringing about Heidegger reminds me of a theory I’ve been developing about Agamben’s use of Heidegger and Schmitt — namely, that he’s not using them despite their Nazism, but because of it. 309 more words


Potencia y deconstrucción. (Gerardo Muñoz)

Sobre Kevin Attell. Giorgio Agamben, beyond the threshold of deconstruction. New York: Fordham, 2014.

Kevin Attell, quien es también traductor al inglés de varios libros de Giorgio Agamben ( 5,179 more words


"Tourists in Hell" / Memorable Fancies #1216

[“In Hades, the shades of the dead repeat the same gesture ad infinitum.” – Sergio Agamben]

     What this gesture means had been a mystery to tourists and casual visitors such as myself. 69 more words


Fragmentary thoughts on the Trinity and political theology

In The Kingdom and the Glory, Agamben tries to demonstrate that the concept of oikonomia links together the Trinity and notions of divine governance/providence, but he doesn’t really talk about the Trinity as such, as a theological problem in its own right. 367 more words

Christian Theology

mental illness as a social construct (2015)

Mentally ill people are stigmatized. The situation parallels -isms such as sexism, racism, and heterosexism. Women, racial minorities, and the LGBTQ community have made progress fighting against these forms of discrimination and injustice. 5,289 more words

Totally called it

In my forthcoming book on Agamben co-authored with Colby Dickinson, I include an essay that indirectly discusses The Use of Bodies, arguing that rereading The Time That Remains in light of the entire extant Homo Sacer series could be a good substitute for the book itself while everyone waits for me to finish translating it. 101 more words