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Department of Correction/Proletar - Split (Review)

Department of Correction are from France and Proletar are from Indonesia. They’ve teamed up for this 16 track, 19 minute split.

I like Department of Correction, and this split does nothing to change that fact. 281 more words


New Mentions of Agathocles!

I’ve been reading through Plutarch’s Lives, and I came across a mention of Agathocles I had missed when I was searching through the literature earlier!   320 more words


Agathoclean Anecdotes

I thought it might be interesting to collect some of the anecdotes about him that the ancient authors have left us.  I consider Agathocles to be an especially interesting figure.   1,903 more words


Archagathus - Dehumanizer (Review)

Archagathus are from Canada and play Grindcore. This is their 4th album.

Mincecore. Move over Agathocles. Dirty. Horrible. Ugly.

Archagathus are here.

Punk vehemence with Grinding fury. 121 more words