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Halloween Chapter Books

Keeping with my Halloween theme, I wanted to explore books that were not picture books, but that enticed young readers to get into the Halloween spirit. 818 more words

Age 6-10

Seeing the World through the eyes of Humphrey

There are a ton of intermediate reader series out there these days, but finding one that holds your child’s attention and is at the right level can be truly daunting. 641 more words

Age 6-10

Passover Books for Older Kids

As you saw with my last post, I have a deep love for all things Passover and so we have a wealth of materials in our house. 1,178 more words

Picture Books

Princesses who defy the rules

We are a household with a deep love for princesses. My younger daughter lovesĀ all things princessy and frilly, although her favorite Disney princesses are Tianna and Mulan. 699 more words

Age 6-10

Good books for Young Readers

Summer is progressing beautifully. J really needed a break from school and has enjoyed spending a ton of time reading her books and listening to audio books. 365 more words

Age 6-10

Warning: Temper Tantrum | How to deal with them!

There is nothing more frustrating to new parents than learning to conquer the first steps of tantrums. There are a few important tips to keep in mind that will help make the transition better for everyone: 416 more words

Caring For Toddlers: Age 1

Re-imagining Rumpelstiltskin

We are a fairy tale loving family. From picture book classics to the original Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson collections and now on to modern turns and twists, there is a comforting enticement in fairy tales. 624 more words

Age 6-10