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Ontario's New Sex-Ed Curriculum, the Pros and the Cons

*Update: Feb 23 – 1:20PM – I’ve finally found the link to the actual document and am reviewing it now. Please check out the link below for the full curriculum. 2,545 more words


Age appropriateness? GAH!

I’m an adult. I am an adult with actual money. As a kid, I never thought things were meant for children or others for adults. I just believed that you had likes and dislikes. 376 more words


The Fashion Age: How High Fashion Is Mending The Generational Gap

When Jay Z made the bold declaration that 30 was the new twenty, the thirty something’s related while the 20 plus crowd hated. The depth of this statement lies in the reality that age has in the words of the late great Aaliyah become “nothing but a number.” With the harshness of the nightlife, young women are twice their age in appearance while the distinguished crowd is indulging in overnight plastic surgery fixes and makeup by the pound to correct what filters perfect in flawless social media photos. 251 more words

What’s their age again?

As parents, trying to manage the less desirable elements of our children’s behaviour; encourage just the right amount of independence; and steer our kids towards age-appropriate toys, games and activities, it is useful to have some kind of gauge on what exactly is ‘age-appropriate’ for our children’s current level of development. 1,091 more words

Sunset Above the Snow

The Northeast has been bombarded with snow the last few weeks. Temperatures have been extremely low and winds have been blowing soft snow everywhere.

The other night as the sun was setting in our back yard I captured this lovely sunset. 15 more words


H1 - Culturally responsive and Age Appropriate Strategies

Our schools are made up of students from different cultures, different backgrounds, and from different socio-economic statuses. As teacher I must honor this, and teach lessons that reach all students and capture their interest. 364 more words


Stories and Memories about Grandmothers/Nanas

In about a month or so a new book about grandmothers will be published. A tentative title is “Grandmothers Who Stand Watch” and is edited by Robin McGee. 28 more words