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How Old (or Young) Should a Kid Be to Learn the Ukulele

Is my child old enough to learn ukulele?  At what age is a kid ready?

      A backer with twins asked me this question in message.  I started to write.   779 more words


Alfie Dog Fiction - A Great Website!

I’ve introduced you to http://www.alfiedog.com before but I want all my readers to know that it is one fantastic website for a nominal fee!   It is one of the biggest short story download sites on the Internet.  75 more words


First Day of Spring and Lots of Snow

Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring but Mother Nature did not cooperate. She proceeded to drop 7 inches of snow on our already snow covered yard. 96 more words


Soon We Will See Flowers Again

Spring is due to arrive within days. The header on this blog depicts lovely colors of orange and yellow.

Birds are already chirping and brown spots can be seen on lawns. 34 more words


Singles Night

Another Valentines has recently passed us by (well, more recently than if I’d have written this tomorrow), and once again I found myself without a girlfriend. 1,343 more words

Ontario's New Sex-Ed Curriculum, the Pros and the Cons

*Update: Feb 23 – 1:20PM – I’ve finally found the link to the actual document and am reviewing it now. Please check out the link below for the full curriculum. 2,545 more words


Age appropriateness? GAH!

I’m an adult. I am an adult with actual money. As a kid, I never thought things were meant for children or others for adults. I just believed that you had likes and dislikes. 376 more words