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Age Appropriate? I'll pass thanks!

As I explained in my “About Me” page (here),  turning 40 for me, was a strange time. I wasnt looking forward to reaching that number, but also, I felt a certain expectation on how I behaved was being placed on me. 570 more words


Perplexing Over Age Appropriate Clothing!!

I will be 67 in a few months.  A friend in his 60s recently said that people should subtract 30 years from his age because he is so cool!  486 more words

Age Appropriate

Fashion Rant

This spawned from an Anonymous message from Tumblr, saying I was 30 years old and shouldnt be posting like a 12-year-old.  I just told them “My blog, I post what I want” and cracked the joke “Where’d that whole year go?!” (because I’m not 30, I’m 29 as of March…) 157 more words


How Young Is Too Young For Makeup? #BuryMeMondays

April and May bring with it photos of teenage girls beaming from ear to ear or smizing for their lives in prom pictures. Some go for a natural look while others are highlighted and contoured to the gawds. 137 more words


Growing up with style

I have always been young at heart. Not immature as such, but definitely not a grown-up and often mistaken for younger than I am. I appreciate that my love of Disney films, jewellery shaped like Spiderman, crazy hair colours and novelty phone cases all has a little to do with that, but I have always wondered at what age does one feel like a genuine grown-up? 699 more words

Fashion And Style

Fashion rules - or does it? What women over 40 are wearing in SS15.

I saw an article recently that said SS15 is the season of ‘the dungaree’ (singular, have you noticed how fashion people talk in the singular – the trouser, the shoe) Anyway, I digress – ‘the dungaree’. 475 more words

Look Good