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Here's Some Exciting News For Me

I just received an email from a publisher from Mauritius (an island in the Indian Ocean) that wants to publish one of my children’s short stories “A Silver Metal”. 139 more words


Still Moving.

I’m writing to a very different travel rhythm today. I managed to conquer guilt and shame about going away again, after such a long recent holiday. 409 more words

Six Basic Fashion Tips for Every Woman

There is more to getting dressed and looking good than just throwing on some clothes. There are some tweaks and adjustments one must do to look her very best. 388 more words

Parental Restrictions on Xbox 360

We had a parent ask us about keeping their child safe on their Xbox after they innocently purchased a game without parent permission.

There are lots of things you can do to limit the things your child can do on their Xbox 360. 270 more words

Keeping Safe

I Will be Published in a Japanese Workbook

I just received an email from a Japanese publisher about my children’s story “The Silver Tree” which is posted on www.shortkidstories.com They want to publish it in a Japanese workbook to teach students to read and learn English. 55 more words


3 Great Tips For Finding Clean Reads

Some of you may have noticed that the books I recommend have little to no graphic violence, sex, swearing, etc. I prefer reads with clean content because of the standards I try to hold in my life. 247 more words

Confessions Of A Bookworm

When I slapped our son's face

I don’t believe that corporal punishment works. It only demonstrates that I’m bigger and more powerful than our son or our grandchildren.

This one time that I hit our son, though, seemed to be the only way to reach him. 255 more words