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Paving the way to an age-friendly city

An age-friendly community benefits people of all ages. The whole community benefits when everyone lives in security, has sound housing, enjoys good health and continues to participate in society in a meaningful way. 122 more words

Active Aging

What is Placemaking? - Project for Public Spaces

***Transforming Communities Series: Placemaking***

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          The spread of the placemaking approach over the last five years has meant that local communities become much more involved in developing small and “doable” projects that make their communities better places to live. 110 more words

Healthy & Age-Friendly Communities

Planning for healthy, active communities that serve residents over the course of their lifespans, from childhood through senior ages, provides for a sustainable quality of life for all. 477 more words

Visioning Discussion Paper

Vitamin supplements: Do we need them as we age?

Dr. Jim House, researcher who lectured in the Senior Lecture series sponsored by the University Of Manitoba, began his presentation with Mahatma Ghandi’s quote: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to live forever”. 126 more words

Age-friendly Communities

Deliberate Dialogue: Facing Death

Deliberate Dialogue: Facing Death

How do we confront life’s final and inevitable challenge?

Dr. Harvey Chochinov opened his seminar, part of the University of Manitoba Alumni Senior Lecture Series, with a short video: from birth we begin our flight, flying through calm skies, turbulent headwinds, and then landing, sometimes softly but often with a hard bump. 512 more words

Age-friendly Communities

About St. John's - Erica Yeager's Story

Disrupting Aging in an Age-Friendly Community, One Woman’s Story:

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     I have shared many posts about the work of Dr. 165 more words

A city that works for the elderly works for everybody | CNU

Creative Aging Depends On Communities That Work for All:

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     A major theme in my book in progress, “Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities: Creative Expression in the Dance of Life,” is the development of communities that work for people of all ages. 157 more words