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Vitamin supplements: Do we need them as we age?

Dr. Jim House, researcher who lectured in the Senior Lecture series sponsored by the University Of Manitoba, began his presentation with Mahatma Ghandi’s quote: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to live forever”. 126 more words

Age-friendly Communities

Deliberate Dialogue: Facing Death

Deliberate Dialogue: Facing Death

How do we confront life’s final and inevitable challenge?

Dr. Harvey Chochinov opened his seminar, part of the University of Manitoba Alumni Senior Lecture Series, with a short video: from birth we begin our flight, flying through calm skies, turbulent headwinds, and then landing, sometimes softly but often with a hard bump. 512 more words

Age-friendly Communities

About St. John's - Erica Yeager's Story

Disrupting Aging in an Age-Friendly Community, One Woman’s Story:

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     I have shared many posts about the work of Dr. 165 more words

A city that works for the elderly works for everybody | CNU

Creative Aging Depends On Communities That Work for All:

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     A major theme in my book in progress, “Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities: Creative Expression in the Dance of Life,” is the development of communities that work for people of all ages. 157 more words

Alzheimer’s and Age-Friendly Communitites

In the space of one week I attended two lectures and viewed a film, all related to Alzheimer’s and aging. Both lectures, part of Senior Seminars at the University of Manitoba, highlighted the importance of healthy living in ‘age-friendly communities.’ Most of us have read and understood the importance of a balanced diet, daily exercise and a supportive environment for people of all ages. 420 more words

Age-friendly Communities

Auburn Hills Shares Age-Friendly Planning Experience

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Planning for age-friendly communities has become a hot topic, sparking conversations across the country with the support of… 151 more words

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