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Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 5: Tom Daley

Ok, so he’s just barely 18 and has a tendency towards tans/bronzer/fake and baking that is questionable – but those are about the only bad things I can tell you about British diver Tom Daley. 179 more words


Future Hump Day Hotties: IIHF World Juniors

While the world of hockey has been buzzing about the upcoming Winter Classic and the 2010 Olympics, the IIHF World Junior Championships have been going on in Saskatchewan, Canada.  441 more words

Hump Day Hottie

#6 - The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

Ten years ago, The Readerby Bernhard Schlink was featured in Oprah’s book club.  This was the first of her selections that I was unable to finish.  465 more words

Hottie Prospectus: The F's Up With the Giant Pretty Dude?

I was under the impression that linebackers were, you know, rather lumpy. Not pretty, or at least not appealing to my own sensibilities. Then this cat from USC started showing up in ads and on my television. 509 more words

Basketball Grabbag: Team Spain!

The Olympics are for chicks, and I mean that in absolutely the best way possible. We love the Olympics, and they love us – all the boy athletes we love to lust after have girl counterparts for us to root for, and everybody gets equal time. 855 more words

Friday Afternoon Cheesecake: Guilty Crushes

The Olympics are here!…Well, on a tape delay, at least. Still, they’re very welcome – the natives have been getting restless on the interweb with, as my fellow Lady mentioned below, only baseball to keep us busy. 717 more words

Welcome Home, Derrick Rose

Congratulations to Chicagoan Derrick Rose who will once again represent the 312 after he was picked first by the Chicago Bulls in last night’s NBA Draft. 13 more words