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Starlight and hidden ridicule

Now it’s been no secret on my blog that I reject the naturalistic story of universal and biological development fostered by the godless and godly alike. 3,203 more words


Does the Bible Speak to the Age of the Universe?

The age of the Earth is a hot button topic for Christians today. Science suggests that the Earth is old, but a large segment of western Christianity has put down big stakes on the claim that the Earth is young. 1,974 more words


Ancient Aliens in a Creationist Worldview

On November 19, 2009, a commenter named Tristan V. of Australia challenged one of the premises of Gary Bates’ article, “Did God create life on other planets… 1,459 more words

Answering Anti-Alien Skeptics

Why Does the Universe Look So Old? | Albert Mohler Transcript at ICR

Excerpt from Talk

Why does the universe look so old? First, the most natural understanding from Scripture on the age of the universe is this: The universe looks old because the Creator made it whole.When He made Adam, Adam was not a fetus; Adam was a man. 271 more words