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Back in diapers....and going well.

I’ve decide to document day to day life with my (little) boy Kian.

Kian moved in with me a few weeks before he started University. I met him through the internet about 6 months ago, through a general Dom/submissive website. 97 more words


Oh look! An update!

I’m really bad at updating this and I’m so sorry. First things first, I think this is going to be an all encompassing blog. While ageplay has/was the focus of this blog, I’m going to branch it out to include all my kinks. 373 more words


Owner Wanted - That's A No, part 2 - The Amount of Cheese

Alright, let’s continue the exploitation. ;) Last time I shared a reply that was kinda like a living testament of the warning that kids, don’t do drugs, mmmkay? 1,133 more words

The Passion

DommeBloggers Topic Challenge: Changing Your Mind

Have you ever changed your mind about a kink? Thought you liked something and it turned out you didn’t? Thought you didn’t like something and it turned out you did? 814 more words



Who They Are

A Little, or a Babyfur if you’re a furry, is an adult who likes to pretend they are a child or who likes to interact with adults who pretend to be children. 825 more words


What to Do With an ABDL

This week on the podcast, Chris P and I talk about Dungeons and Dragons smut and Chris reviews Lesson 1 of “Back to School.”  Have you recently met a bad baby?   13 more words


Furry Fetish

I am always up for trying new things, a new position, a new role play, a new style of kinky.  Well today I wanna try a new fetish called plushy fetish.  141 more words

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