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Furry Fetish

I am always up for trying new things, a new position, a new role play, a new style of kinky.  Well today I wanna try a new fetish called plushy fetish.  141 more words

Kinky Kaylan

Welcome to The Family

Meet Violet the Giraffe, Lula (Center) and Olivia, Leroy, Lloyd, and Elizabeth (left to right). I might have a slight paci problem

Leroy, Lloyd and Lula came in the mail from Daddy about a week ago and Olivia and Elizabeth came home with me from Target today. 50 more words

Summer ☀️☀️

Tons of great stuff is happening now that it is summer! First, I graduated, I am officially out of high school and onto the big scary world of college, but no worries, luckily, I have Daddy to take care of me, so along with no school for me, no school for Daddy either, at least for now! 77 more words

It's Black and White and Fucking Fabulous

Jamal is just a nice kid who stopped to help the white lady start her car.  OK, he’s no boy scout and those come fuck me now heels didn’t go unnoticed.   856 more words

Alpha Male

Secrets from His Hidding Place

So I grew up with only having two male figures, and no female figures to influence or for guidance. My brother was 6 years older then I, and was not a very social guy, nor did he have very much self esteem or confidence. 642 more words


In the beginning

My brother had gotten a new tent for his birthday, and wanted to know if I wanted to camp out in the backyard with him. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to sleep outdoors with my brother in a small tent. 143 more words



by Rich Moreland, June 2015

Being in the midst of writing book number two on the adult film industry, I decided to take a time out to compose a series of articles on a girl I’ve recently come to know. 1,044 more words