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Why I Am Not a Slave or 24/7 in D/s

On Saturday I wanted to please and obey Sir.

On Wednesday I wanted to please and obey Sir.

My desire to please was building, exhilarating, and deeply satisfying. 380 more words


It took a while for Matt to go down from that tease his daughter gave him on the way to work. He had to focus. Work has been frustrating lately. 880 more words



I saw this post on Fetlife and after I liked it, the author reached out to me. We had a brief, but validating discussion about having a vanilla (or somewhat vanilla) partner and finding a dominant outside of marriage. 831 more words


Jett Reviews Hard Rhythm by Cecilia Tan

I’ve been turned into a Cecilia Tan fangirl, and let me tell how excited I was when Susan let me know that Hard Rhythm, the third in Tan’s Secrets of a Rock Star series, was on its way to me. 495 more words


The Sadist's Little Girl by Summer Graystone

Spanking romance/age play author Summer Graystone is visiting my blog, and she brought with her a smoking hot excerpt from her book The Sadist’s Little Girl… 1,014 more words


I'm thirsty

“I’m thirsty, Mommy” the text reads.

“I’m coming, honey. Hold on. I’ll be right there” I text back. I know what my boyfriend needs.

I race to his apartment, let myself in. 469 more words


Her Outlaw Daddy by Jane Henry

The amazing Jane Henry joins my blog today with a hot excerpt from her latest release. I had the pleasure of beta reading this book, and you’re not going to want to miss it. 836 more words