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on labels and behaviour

I was meant to have a weekend away from the net in order to think about stuff in general but I failed… it was a very hectic weekend and I’m still a little tired from having too much to do. 358 more words


A cute post!

As of late pastel colors have really been pretty pleasing to my eyes. Yesterday I had to deal with a bank to get some Christmas money finally in my possession, which resulted in me making a bank account. 205 more words


The fact video series is over.

Tonight I finished my fact video series on my kinkstergram (my kinky instagram account) and overall, I’m pretty pleased with how the whole challenge thing went. 1,183 more words


review: Owning Her Innocence

Title: Owning Her Innocence

Author: Alexa Riley

WhatWhat: Haley has just turned eighteen, but all is not well: she doesn’t really want to grow up, and “Daddy William,” the friend of her father’s who used to babysit her, has been acting distant for a year. 597 more words


Drop, drop, go away....

I got my first Tsum Tsum today because there has been some things going on with me that have made me upset and all so Daddy figured I deserved a special treat. 311 more words


review: Amber's Big Exam

Title: Amber’s Big Exam

Author: Raven Dawes

WhatWhat: Amber’s stepfather caught her kissing the boy next door, so obviously she’s ready for some deep dicking by said stepfather, only first he has to have her pawed over by two doctors who used to be his college roommates, because why the hell not. 250 more words

Age Play

It's a fact!

If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen my fact videos. This was based off of a post I saw on Tumblr where depending on how many likes/reblogs a post got, that’s how many facts you had to post. 197 more words