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Secrets from His Hidding Place

So I grew up with only having two male figures, and no female figures to influence or for guidance. My brother was 6 years older then I, and was not a very social guy, nor did he have very much self esteem or confidence. 642 more words


In the beginning

My brother had gotten a new tent for his birthday, and wanted to know if I wanted to camp out in the backyard with him. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to sleep outdoors with my brother in a small tent. 143 more words



by Rich Moreland, June 2015

Being in the midst of writing book number two on the adult film industry, I decided to take a time out to compose a series of articles on a girl I’ve recently come to know. 1,044 more words


Daddy lives about 1,500 miles away, that is 23 hours by car, 143 hours by bike and 527 hours if I just decided to pick up and walk, so distance is a big factor in our relationship and it’s been challenging in a lot of ways but it’s also, at least I think, allowed us different experiences then people who met in person. 350 more words

Summer Graystone visits with her new Age Play!

I’m so excited to have Summer Graystone visiting me today! Her new AP, Bailey’s Little Adventure, is also part of the Little Haven Age Play set.  1,106 more words


The Agony and the Ecstasy -- of Pee

In porn world, urine is a magical elixir and it’s always delicious and there’s nothing better to wash down a mouthful of cum.  In the real world, those thoughts might not always translate for all of us, but no one can deny that urine, as well as the rest of our bodily fluids, hold some significance for all of us and for some of us, it’s powerfully sexual. 295 more words


Wanna Call Me Tonight to Hear all About What Happened at Dinner with Daddy and all his Friends?

Wanna call me tonight to hear all about what happened at dinner with daddy and all his friends? You won’t believe how naughty I was! It was so hot when daddy had his dinner party when mommy was gone. 269 more words

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