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As you know, I write this blog about writing and to update everyone on my fetish romance novels, The Jamie Johnson Trilogy.

However, you also probably know that I write another blog under the name The… 124 more words

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Fetish Series: Age Play

There’s actually a lot of fetishes covered in the term “Age Play.” So let’s start by breaking them down:

1. Adult Baby Play: This is when someone actually wants to be treated as a baby, including diaper changes and bottle feedings. 1,073 more words

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Fetish Series

The BDSM community is a group of diverse people. We certainly have things in common, such as our agreement to be accepting of others, and to engage in safe, sane, and consensual play. 218 more words

Educational Stuff

Jailed Little Jade by Allison West

Jailed Little Jade & Delia’s Debt by the fabulous Allison West

Jailed Little Jade by Allison West

Released: March 8, 2016 by Blushing Books… 950 more words


review: Regressive Love

Title: Regressive Love

Author: Misty Brock

WhatWhat: Fired from her job (because of an Evil Other Woman), Gracie is first rescued from a guy with a knife, and then hired for another job. 433 more words


age - just a number?

Age is always a funny topic perhaps more so when identifying as little at least some of the time. I’d never given it much thought until it was pointed out to me that both my partners were younger than me and this is really a break from my past relationship patterns (is there such a thing?). 306 more words

Daddy Little Girl Relationship

review: Little Emily

I have to be honest: if I’ve learned one thing from reading DD/lg stories, it’s that I would never have the patience to deal with an adult Little. 647 more words

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