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Children, Age Restrictions and Online Pornography

The average age for a child today to have their first exposure to pornography is 11. This is highly disturbing, and deeply worrying. Some might argue that this is an unavoidable effect of living in the age of the internet, but surely something can be done to avoid this, to prevent it. 148 more words

Social Media - Minimum Age Requirements

Twitter doesn’t ask your age when you sign up, but Facebook does, and on Facebook the minimum age requirement is a hard and fast 13. It’s the same number on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat and Secret, too. 56 more words

Am I a bad Dad?

Ok, here is the story. I’m a seperated dad who sees his kids every other weekend. Around 1 year ago I let my son play Rainbow Six Seige on my gaming PC where I live. 627 more words


Youth Ministry : Challenging the Cultural Practices in the church

Martin Saunders gets this spot on in his article Here, an almost tribute to ‘I love 1991’ and all its glory and the shifts in certainly British culture ever since. 1,207 more words


Tinder Kicks Out Minors

Sorry, teens; you’re going to have to find a new place to look for dates. Tinder is officially 18 and over.

At its inception in 2012, teens between ages 13-17 had access to the app, though they were limited strictly to their own peer group. 247 more words


Discussion: Should Books Come With Age Restrictions?

I haven’t really thought about this much, until I started reading a book I am currently reading and was shocked by its content, thinking that the book really should come with a warning about its graphic and sensitive content. 430 more words