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When Did You First Feel Like An Adult?

When did you first feel like an adult?

When you turned 21? When you could vote? For me it was 18 when I moved away from my parents. 60 more words


Thoughts of This Middle Aged Writer

This fella was very unfortunate. He was hunted to extinction. He now lives in the Natural History Museum London, partly as a lesson to us to not eat those birds in such great numbers, whoops they’ve all gone. 871 more words


A Victory


Well I just want to record a minor victory. My mum has just been out into the garden and sat in the sunshine for fifteen minutes. 406 more words


Why I don't belong here..

I wish the second I could understand the world, someone grabbed me by the wrist, sat me down and told me the truth. I wish they said “You know how everyone… 432 more words

Why I Shouldn't Live On Earth

Welcoming the End. Flash Fiction.

Mary carefully lowered herself into the chair, once she was sitting she let out a small sigh of relief. Everything hurt these days, she reached out and picked up the hand mirror sitting on the small table beside her, carefully she studied her face. 421 more words

Creative Writing

One Man's Trash...is a Girl's Night Out!

When you spend a good part of your time or life as a caregiver you find forgetting to be a common occurrence. I have classic tales about my Nana forgetting where she put her shoes, her wallet and most disturbingly…her teeth. 549 more words