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Dog the Youth

He’s heard rumors he’s in the twilight of his life
And though he can count his children since dawn
Time has yet to smell the optimism in his coming days… 82 more words

The Pitfalls of Aging (Don't Do It!)

For some, going around the last bend can be quite disconcerting.  It’ natural (and easier) to want to take care of the feelings of the elderly, and so sometimes they are “protected” from the truth. 150 more words


Ode to My Dearest Companion

My ode to you is way past due
You always know
I don’t know how, but you always do
You know when I am ill and when I am frail… 98 more words


Being 22 - miserable, or magical?

I’ve already let my blog go and we’ve only known each other for one post – standard. Now, this could be a reflection of my erratic personality, by which I mean I’m not very self-disciplined when there’s any kind of choice involved. 959 more words



It has been 9 years since leaving England for Germany, 7 years since graduating high school, 3 years since graduating college and 2 years since I moved up from LA to the Bay Area. 646 more words

It’s In Black and White

Just yesterday I was watching a show and it had a flashback event occur. You know where the characters are all shown during an earlier time. 364 more words