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She is gone already.

She kept eyeing the stars,
Head outside her window.
Watched as they fathomed
Into untamed oceans and
Hurled out uncontrollably,
Vicious spats into every
Corner the sky had to offer. 110 more words



In less than a month, I’ll be turning twenty.

I can still remember my tenth birthday, being the teachers pet that I was I ran into school to announce to Mrs Chambers that I was ‘double figures!!’Now I’m almost double-double figures and to be honest, the thought scares me. 275 more words


I Don't Want To Be Tamed

He told me he likes my hair blond
so I dyed it red

Dad said girls shouldn’t get tattoos
so what did I do

Mom said ladies don’t use cuss words… 138 more words



It is March, but the wind stings my face like millions of tiny needles recreating an embroidery masterpiece. I raise it to absorb the splendor of the statue overlooking one of the most impressive and historically important squares in the world.  527 more words

Mindless Musings

Everything you need to know about strokes


Also known as cerebrovascular accidents, strokes are caused by damage to the arteries which supply oxygenated blood to the brain and are characterised by a sudden loss of neurological function. 600 more words


MID LIFE CRISIS: Why it's ok to freak out in your mid 20's

I remembered when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to turn 20, it’s this whole ideal of being independent, being free, and finding the “real” you.  1,131 more words


The number of times i’ve spilt alcohol on myself in the last 2 days is alarmingly shameful.