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I liked this massacre (mine)

At what point did he (General Custer) realise that he had played one gig too many?

Those Rock ‘n Roll days were about to be over. 927 more words

My Almost Wellbeing Recommendation

Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life by Gary John Bishop

As you might have gleaned from the irreverent title, Unfu*k Yourself… 54 more words

Words from a Mother to her youngest daughter

Seeing you all wrapped up in a world of half-full yoghurt cartons, sticky teaspoons, snippets of card and paper, assorted buttons, Sellotape rolls, dirty laundry, clean clothes scattered, open scissors, dried-up old pasta in plastic trays, once-cooked-now-crisp noodles, laptop-posing-as-a-dining table, and letters from school – unreceived and unread, I know that you are but a pebble taking a long pause in some faraway and remote place, a pebble putting off the inevitable – the half-way point in a far-too-short existence. 85 more words


Going Grey (I prefer silver) gracefully...

This is my second attempt at growing out my grey hair, the first being January 2016 when I got my husband to shave my head! I must say, I kinda liked that look! 813 more words



Yes: I’ve hauled out my soapbox again for another rant. This time it’s the elderly Luddites, who have incurred my electronic wrath… 350 more words


As you will have already read I don’t like medication whether it is for my mood or just a headache. I’ve never been good at taking tablets and hate bad tastes of a disolvable medicine. 663 more words


Book Review: The Dark Flood Rises by Margaret Drabble

She had thought that ageing would bring calm and indifference and impersonality.

This is basically a novel about a bunch of posh people dealing with ageing and mortality.

260 more words