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What is your Aging IQ?

Everyone, should know how we will age. And if you are far from thinking about aging, like in your 20’s or 30’s, then you should be prepared with facts about what growing older might entail. 51 more words


The Alluring Message of Allure Magazine. The End of Anti-Aging. Or Is It?

I’m skeptically thrilled.  Not only did Editor in Chief of Allure magazine, Michelle Lee, have the balls to put an “Old Lady”, i.e. the beautiful Helen Mirren on the cover, but she also put out a call to the beauty industry to end “anti-aging”. 1,212 more words


Laura Geller. Are you”Effing” Kidding Me? You Made a Foundation That's Amazing AF!!

So why aren’t  you marketing it to the older woman?

This is so passive-aggressive.  I love the product but I have issues with the brand… 1,580 more words


What Is The Title of Your Third Act?

65 And Up

The NYT’s recently ran an article which discusses a topic that is not only timely, but gives one pause.   The article begins by talking about the back to school rush of parents getting their kids vaccinated before the start of school, and seques into the meat of the article; how should older adults be treated for vaccines and other health related issues? 242 more words

Ye Olde Double Standard

The one thing I actually love about social media, is the “social” part, as in social awareness… even if some don’t want to be aware of the things they say. 533 more words

Social Media

No...I'm NOT that guy...

So I’m here. I’m an officially registered UC Berkeley undergraduate student. I’m a Bear. A Golden Bear.

Yesterday, I participated in day-one of the largest orientation session for new students ever to be undertaken by an institution of higher learning. 409 more words


Do tech companies really need more vaginas, dark skin, and gray beards?

We need to get to the bottom of the issue about diversity in the software industry.

It’s not that software companies simply need to hire more people who possess vaginas, dark skin, or grey beards…to reach some kind of quota, or to make their About page look hip. 404 more words