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Aging gracefully

We’ve all heard it a thousand times – the boomers are the biggest market around.  Our needs are changing the world.  Our aging needs are impacting the retail market, changing the American dream from a suburban two-story with a garage and a white picket fence to a down-sized condo with easy access to shopping and services. 384 more words

Embodying the modern elder

Ageism. It’s a subject I’ve tended to hold at arm’s length, for two reasons. First, although I know ageism is a genuine problem in today’s workplace, it fortunately has never affected me directly. 836 more words


Dirty Dusting at Devizes Arts Festival


Dirty Dusting, a tale of three elderly cleaners threatened with redundancy who start up a sex chat line, hit the stage at the Corn Exchange on Wednesday night.  586 more words

Where's the map?

When I meet someone new, it takes time to discover if we will be friends, acquaintances, etc. But what if the someone to whom I am referring is the surprisingly older self I age into with each rising of the sun? 122 more words


A Filter On Beauty

The hourglass has become the gold standard by which to judge our physical appearance, from which we can ‘determine’ our value (insert rolling eyes). With a continuous feed of images from social media and magazines of celebrities and influencer’s celebrating meeting the conventionally attractive criteria, our definition of beauty has never been more specific and narrow. 269 more words

Ageism, nepotism, and getting over the bitters

Yes, it’s been awhile.

Sorry about that. I was preoccupied with gathering up the pieces of my life after the jigsaw puzzle was abruptly thrown into the air. 672 more words

Is 50 too old to learn the guitar?

My latest video was recorded following a careless comment that put to me.  I was asked whether I was wise to embark on this project to learn the guitar and whether I was simply wasting my time and money. 17 more words