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Even Later Than That

I wish that nice people would stop being quite so scrupulous about “age-ism.” Their dire attempts to convince everyone that they hold no stereotypes about people like me have done much to embitter my life. 563 more words


The Renunciate’s Elevated Cave

I once was in a place where I could get anywhere at all times, and I had about 20 appetizing restaurants within a 10-minute walk, plus two health food stores and the largest Whole Foods in Manhattan. 810 more words


The Pool: It's time we listened to older women suffering from eating disorders

It shouldn’t be news that eating disorders affect women in middle age. Certainly it will come as no surprise to the many women in their forties, fifties and older who face a daily struggle with food, weight and body issues. 160 more words


Arizona Law To Ban Social Justice & Race-Based College Course

A new bill have been placed on the table in Arizona that involves banning any college classes that consider concepts of “social justice, race theory” as well as killing off any rallys or events that “target specific nationalities.” 168 more words


Ageism in the Workplace

I read an article on LinkedIn by Lesley Jane Seymour about ageism in the workplace that made me want to expand a little bit on this: 420 more words

Haddon Musings' Senior Salon

NOT an Age Thing

Life is filled with so many interesting moments that I decided to create a weekly conversation starter around one of the more entertaining observations made during the previous week. 71 more words

Communicating Every Day

Seniority Complex

I’m wrestling with a bit of a minor dilemma at the moment. Or as my kids would call it, a ‘First World problem’. It revolves around the thorny question of how do I describe my age, having improbably made it to the sixty-year benchmark in mid 2016. 844 more words