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I'm Officially Running for President of These United States-- Move Over Donald and Hillary!

I’m throwing myself into the 2016 presidential race.  Why would I do that? You ask.

It’s because I’m sick and tired of the smear campaigning that is currently taking place.  2,468 more words


N.S.F.W. A song about how I feel about the legal system.

This has some filthy language. This is how I feel about the legal system and the tabloid media. Don’t watch if your easily offended, this could end my political career, lol.

Robert Farago Thought White Men Who Seek Firearm Training are “Paranoid” or “Retarded Adolescents”

Moving forward, Robert seemed to become increasingly willing to be a useful idiot for those who would deprive us of our rights, and in a post on 23JUL11, he happily explained that the acronym “OFWG” you will see crop up on TTAG from time to time refers to “Old Fat White Guys” who apparently “account for a disproportionately large percentage of shooters preparing for an full-on, multi-magazine gunfight”, in his words. 145 more words

Robert Farago

Stop Dismissing Millennials

Last week, my husband and I had dinner with some friends. We ate fish tacos, caught up on each other’s lives and laughed until we couldn’t breathe. 934 more words


Rhonda Wiley-Jones reblogged this on Finding Ourselves at Home in the World and commented:

I wish I had written this. She expresses my experience with Millennials. Please read it and acknowledge all the millennials in your life.

Tip of the hat: Madonna Tribe and all the Madonna Fans around the world who read and shared my last post!

I just want to say thank you to everybody who read and shared my last post. I actually had some pretty hardcore Madonna haters come around a little bit. 508 more words

Inspired Aging

In the midst of becoming absorbed in this whole aging process, and thinking too much about how my back aches, and my mind is getting mushy, this week I met a group of senior citizens, who inspired me, and gave me an inspired perspective on aging. 650 more words

A Plea to Recognize Ageism

I’d barely gotten seated at the doctors’ office when the receptionist asked, “How old are you?” I smiled and told her I was 22. As expected, she immediately laughed and told me that I looked like I was 15 or 16. 321 more words