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Challenging the depiction of delirium in the media

The media’s portrayal of vulnerable elder people as ‘perpetrators of assaults’ shows us just how far we still have to go.

Dr James Woods is a registrar in Geriatric and General (Internal) Medicine in South East Scotland. 532 more words


The Great British Eccentric

The Great British Eccentric

When I grow up, I want to be just like them.

Just like a great British eccentric.

I will be wizened and gnarly, with a beard that… 567 more words


Age May Be Just A Number, But Which One?

Should you keep quiet about your age, or wear it with pride? The importance we attach to age is relatively recent.

Age can be measured in more ways than one, say both sociologists and biologists. 106 more words


Stop Reverse Ageism

When you think of someone who is discriminated on by age, what do you see? Most see a senior citizen who is at the end of his/her career and, therefore, isn’t taken seriously in work settings. 733 more words

Navigating The Office

The Transport Trap

I work at a day centre for older adults with complex care and support needs in a deprived London borough. We provide company, lunch and activities for around sixty members throughout the week, and are frequently their main or only source of social contact. 739 more words

Ageism After the Referendum

Age has certainly been an important demographic in the EU referendum. But in the hasty tweets and articles I have read since the result, some left wing and intelligent people have been disappointingly lazy and offensive with their language about older people. 726 more words

A Shot Mind

Ageism. It’s hard to avoid these days since many of us will live for nearly a century. Each “woman of a certain age” knows what I mean when I say there comes a time when we become invisible. 592 more words

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