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Middle-Aged No Longer An Acceptable Term

After all this pretense and buildup with Extraordinary 40, last month when I finally turned forty, I wrote what I thought was a pretty freakin’ fantastic article called  688 more words

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Day 118: Age

Is anyone else out there hung up on their AGE? If you are reading this then surely you are still among the living and therefore have an AGE otherwise known as the amount of years lived on this earth. 157 more words

Age is but a Number

The issue of aging and ageism has recently been forefront in my mind; not least because we’ve just celebrated a very significant birthday for my grandfather, who quite frankly is embarrassingly healthy and youthful for a man of his advanced years :) 233 more words

Media: Say anything about Hillary's health, and you're ageist, sexist, and a tinfoil hat-wearer

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Press: She’s A-OK, and don’t you dare say otherwise

I don’t know one thing about Hillary Clinton’s health, but I do know this:

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Day 9: Thoughts On Ageism


Day 9: Thoughts On Ageism

This is going to sound really stupid, but I literally just typed “what is ageism” into Google. … 282 more words

Paisley Rose Prophet

What do we do with the oldies?

This is a question all countries in the world should be asking themselves. As health measures and research improve, the increasing life expectancy in most countries lead to improving health, and therefore increasing numbers of older people, although the definition of ‘old’ varies. 554 more words



Something I and others like me come up against frequently now given where I and others like me are in our lives.

It cropped up again on Friday as one of the visiting Japanese engineers decided he’d have a short personal conversation within me and within that conversation,  he asked me how old I was. 259 more words