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California has passed a useless new law to prevent sites like IMDb from listing actors' ages

A new California law allowing actors to have their birth dates removed from websites like IMDb has a laudable goal—ending age-discrimination in Hollywood casting—but is trampling on the Constitution to achieve it. 483 more words

California Tells IMDB That Actor Ages Aren't Fair Game On Their Site

It’s no secret that youth is the lifeblood of the entertainment industry. Hollywood’s soulful reverence for youth borders on religious, and nearly the entirety of Tinseltown serves as its ornate altar. 226 more words


Today I experienced Ageism

Wow. Ageism. That smarts.

Art gallery jobs are rare. To be around art all day, looking at it, hanging it, speaking about it… it’s certainly a dream job next to writing a book and making my own art without the need to sell it to make ends meet. 732 more words


Trouble fond

I’ve fucked you.
And so that there is no confusion about my intentions
I do want you, you know that.
I’ve choked you.
If I could, I’d keep you in a shoe box in my closet but I’m not delusional. 394 more words


Age is Not Just a Number.

On Monday mornings, my dad doesn’t go to work. He checks his inbox for an email that never comes, writes resumes for recruiters that don’t give a second glance, and exercises his body and mind for an obligation he doesn’t have.  732 more words

Writer's Corner

43 Things Men Just Don't Understand About Being A Woman In This Society

Found on AskReddit.

1. It’s goddamn exhausting being nice all the time.

“Just how goddamn exhausting being nice all the time is.”

malackey… 5,777 more words

Ageism or Ageless?

“I used to think old age was catching.” – Someone I Know

Reading two articles this morning on ageism got me thinking. Have I been ageist? 1,270 more words