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JCPenney Employee Sent Home for 'Revealing' Shorts, Quits

The story of a JCPenney employee from Sioux Falls, S.D. has been making rounds in the media lately. Sylva Stoel, 17, was sent home from work for reportedly wearing shorts that were “too revealing.” 335 more words


I Confess: I Binge-Watched "Younger."

I admit it. I was prepared to hate, or at least be offended by TV Land’s original series, “Younger.”

The premise sounds like something that I, as a feminist, should loathe. 352 more words

The Art & Practice Of Life

Staring Down the Doubter (in me)

It has been a strange and fun summer. After too many years of fighting an awful and disabling illness (adrenal fatigue), I am starting to feel like recovery is a possibility. 724 more words

Lousy Lessons

Dear music industry executives: stop telling me my window is closing.

What would happen if every music industry executive mysteriously vanished from the earth? The musicians would find a way to rebuild the industry, it would still move forward. 786 more words


Mature Workers: Staying Relevant

By: Evelina Silveira, President Diversity at Work in London Inc.

I hadn’t seen Jeff for over 30 years, since we had worked together as teenagers but somehow we recognized one another as he left the employment centre. 755 more words

Generation Y

Publishing Dilemma: Trad or Indie?

As I continue to perfect the manuscript of Transgression, with the superb support of my editor, Eamon O’Cleirigh, I am in a quandary about how to get it published. 679 more words

Don't be so quick to dismiss experience

I hate “isms” of any kind. I just don’t like prejudice I don’t believe there is ever an excuse for hatred and I don’t accept ignorance as a get out clause. 327 more words