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Ageism Sucks!

After my introduction post yesterday I had a member of our new community charge me with attacking the issues of ageism on this blog.

“Take on the issue of Ageism.

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The Fight for Equality - Unless it concerns Madonna

Nobody can deny that the society of the Western World today is in a better position than ever before. Women are treated both equally and fairly than they have been previously, and if someone is heard making a racist, sexist or homophobic comment – they will be called out for it. 243 more words


rantchic.com's 24 things women should stop wearing after 30

I’m only sharing cuz I thought this ish was funny. Especially the comments! Here’s my take on their bs stop wearing after 30 list:

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Blessed Passion Week, from Victoree

As we enter Passion Week, the holiest days of the Christian calendar, I wish everyone all the blessings of the season. The days of denial are ending and with it the days of focused effort to establish a new content writing business. 341 more words

Career Planning

Men Who Argue Over Their Pit Bull Being Less of a Pussy Than Other Dogs.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that pit bull owners are the scum of the earth. Case in point is a recent scuffle that occurred in Williamsburg… 128 more words

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. Bank economists emulating that jocular newsroom adage is a startling example of life imitating art… 417 more words

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