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Coming of Age

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. 1,871 more words


Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, Reactionaries, Sexuality, etc., etc.

I rarely write about homosexuality or sexuality in general because there’s little to actually write about, I think. The vernacular of the debate is still unstable and often arbitrary and I have little interest in sexual ethics as a field to begin with. 545 more words


Old White Men Sealing My Fate

We had an all day hearing yesterday at my attorney’s office with commissioner H regarding child support in arrearages from years 2002-2012. My husband lied so many times. 180 more words


The Fall and Rise of Madonna.

I’m not one to comment much on pop culture. This isn’t a patronising statement or a pejorative slur on people who are into watching MTV or listening to Sam Smith. 1,100 more words


The Obsolescence of Senescence

What a drag it is getting old. — Mick Jagger

Attitudes about the aging process vary based on cultural values and demographics. In Greece, for example, it’s an honor to be considered elderly and respect for age is understood rather than hoped for. 843 more words

Drawing Self-Acceptance

Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian artist, began posting some simple drawings to her Facebook. When she did, she had no idea what kind of chord they would strike with her friends – and beyond. 693 more words