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In Defense Of Gloria Steinem (Who Really Needs No Defending)

Gloria Steinem—the woman, I would argue, without whom we would not even have feminism baked into the fabric of America so deeply it has benefited even people who disavow it as a label—needs no defending from little old me. 1,931 more words

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Love, Friendship, Poetry, Obsession and a Magical Cookbook – they can all be found at The Willow Lake Group. 15 more words


What do you see


 i am Syria

 when you look at me

what do you see?

 my skin?

Its darker hue

why does that frighten

and repulse you? 205 more words

Irish Writer

Embracing Feminism Young and Old

An interesting juxtaposition of events occurred, Saturday, and of course, it is precisely these juxtapositions that contextualize experiences, and in the best of times, help me learn to use them to be a better feminist. 1,986 more words

Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty

I wrote this post, then I received an email from AARP with a link saying, “Let’s Stop Fighting Age and Start Fighting Ageism #DisruptAging” ( 1,079 more words

Choices In Retirement

Misses R

Wow, there is one funky thing. I remember back when my spouse and I married and were husband and wife. It was sort of one of those having to engrain things. 524 more words


The best PR teams are mixed up

Successful communication is largely a matter of relevance and context. This applies to the story being told, how it is told and who tells it. That’s why a rich and diverse mix of people working in communications teams is invariably one of its greatest assets. 260 more words