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ULearn - Agency and Ownership: Why and the How?

Steve Mouldey – Specialised Learning Leader at HPSS, eFellow15 + his blog

The importance of building the skills in students to help them to learn purely because they want to. 316 more words

RTC 8 - Knowledge Of How Akonga Learn

Day 6: The Assumption of Agency

We had another long day of medical assessments today. It went well. My boy ate barium-laced food without complaint and sat still enough to swallow for the camera. 534 more words


Model Agency Software

by Laurel L. Russwurm
Technology has truly grow to be a part of our days. We tend to win help out starting numerous uses as well as software system to formulate our advance  smoother and earlier. 16 more words

Phil Meunier: blue mind

“You should never meet your idols. Like Gods, they should remain just out of reach, so that they can continue to inspire you”, says Phil.

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P2P: Robotics, Minecraft & Conflict

P2P is over. Fortunately the rest of Ulearn begins tomorrow. Here are some key things from the day. At the bottom I will include a more detailed breakdown of my learning from each course. 558 more words



In difficult financial times, running a successful service firm and business requires more than hard work and experdite talent. When sales drop and the economy tightens, response may be to pull advertising and cancel marketing campaigns, but in the words of Steve Babaeko “That is like shutting off the fuel to an airplane in mid-flight.” 839 more words