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Disability, Identity, Role Models, and Philosophy

The excellent article copied below was penned by none other than disabled philosopher Joe Stramondo. Among other things, I was very happy to read about the important role that Paul Steven Miller played in the development of Joe’s identity as disabled. 1,519 more words

Critical Analysis

How Accountants Can Achieve Better ROI Through Content Marketing

The sustainability of any business relies not just in providing quality service to existing clientele—company efforts toward lead generation must also be consistent. This, after all, is what keeps fresh business flowing. 68 more words

[CIN 384-#6]: Stranger Things E1-4: When Horror/Sci-Fi Meld Into the Perfect Narrative That Pays Homage to Its Past

Stranger Things S1 E1: “Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers,” directed by The Duffer Brothers

One of the reasons Strangers Things is so captivating is because it does quite a few things very well: it pulls from both the horror and science-fictions genres from various decades, it also refers to a lot of 1980s films and actors not only from these genres but others, and it weaves together a story that is ultimately about the bond of family and friendship. 1,987 more words

Horror/Science-Fiction In Film And Television

Blogging With Students

Have you ever thought of blogging with yours students? I did it with my middle school students for the Winter Olympics in 2018 and I was surprised at how much of a positive impact it had on a range of learning areas. 399 more words


Human is Not the Only Way Worth Being

My greatest motivation to write is that my words might affect a positive change in the world. One of the ways in which we can use our voices for good is to speak for those whose voices go unheard. 1,476 more words


I Choose Depression

By that I don’t mean “I choose to feel depressed.” Not in the sense you might be thinking. And it isn’t all-encompassing.

This is something I realized just a few days ago. 1,331 more words

Life In General

NASA SHOCK: Space agency teases COMPLETE Mars 2020 Rover craft in AMAZING photos

NASA harbours long-term ambitions to attempt a manned Mars mission. The next step will see the US space agency launch its seventh Mars rover at he Red Planet. 31 more words

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