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Jogjakarta - Indonesian Business Carnival 2015

Business Carnival, sebuah konsep yang dipersembahkan oleh IBC UII. Menggelar kembali rangkaian acaranya hari ini 31 Mei 2015  di Benteng Vredeburg Jogjakarta. Salah satu gelaran ujuk gigi hasrat wirausaha dari beraneka ragam pernak-pernik usaha di Jogjakarta. 233 more words


Thinking Outside The Box

Most of us live with our firearms.  They are as much part of our daily routine as shaving, brushing our teeth, picking up our wallets and keys on the way out the door. 557 more words


Escape to Mt. Merbabu 3142 mdpl

Setelah obrolan di grup whatsapp ex Pendakian Semeru 1-5 Mei 2015 lalu, kami berencana melakukan pendakian bersama kembali dengan tujuan yaitu Gunung Merbabu, yang terletak di Boyolali Jawa Tengah dengan ketinggian 3142 mdpl. 237 more words


Day 175 5/28/15

Bulletin and Countdown clock

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[NEWS] Full List Of The Things Buhari Promised Nigerians He Would Do When He Resumes Office (Must Read)

On May 29, Muhammadu Buhari will take office as President of Nigeria. Expectations are high as most Nigerians expect the coming government to wave a magic wand and make all their problems disappear. 2,888 more words


Próximos Festivais: Visite myfest2015.com.my

Festival Harvest em Sarawak e Sabah, 1 de Junho

Conhecido como Tadau Kaamatan ou Kadazan Harvest Festival em Sabah e Gawai em Sarawak. Marca o final da época de colheita. 233 more words




Ladies and gents, the 2015-2016 Lilly Pulitzer Agendas have arrived.

Lilly Agendas are a staple item to any girl on the go. They come in a multitude of sizes and offer a print for any style. 105 more words