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Trailing ISIS to Tel Aviv

From NEO, Gordon Duff, Mar 2015

Since 2011, Israeli planes and helicopters have flown over a hundred verified sorties against the Syrian army and its allies, direct combat support for ISIS/ISIL units operating inside Syrian territory. 759 more words

War On Terror

Sexual Abuse: A Major Cause Of Homosexuality?


It is a well-documented fact that many many homosexuals were sexually abused when young. (This paper will conclude with a list of some books which support that statement.) 1,045 more words

Personal Narrative

March 27, 2015

I can write and solve inequalities.

  1. Review solving equations and inequalities.
  2. IXL:  P 24 (due Monday)
  3. Introduce graphing equations on a coordinate plane.

Avoiding a Mental Breakdown In Six Steps or Less

At this point in the semester I feel like I need to do a complete mental and emotional wellness check on everyone I know at least once a day. 696 more words

How I organize my agenda

Hello everybody,

I was thinking about how crazy my schedule is and how easy it would be to forget something! I’m sure everybody else has crazy schedules too, so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys how I organize my agenda! 402 more words

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