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Tories pledge to push social media firms to fight online extremism : The Guardian

Ben Wallace, the security minister, says a Conservative government would consider financial penalties to force tech firms to act.

The security minister, Ben Wallace, has said that a Conservative government would increase the pressure on… 219 more words


5 Things I can't live without

Hi everyone , welcome back

Do you ever wonder about the things you couldn’t live without on a day to day basis? Everyone has a different list of essentials……. 191 more words


International Children´s Day 2017, Porto

Is great to see that in Porto children are celebrated with a cool, super busy agenda, full of options for them and out of the house fun for the entire family! 619 more words


Latihan Perdana Monza Kwanyar di Bulan Ramadhan

Meskipun hanya dihadiri 7 pemain, Monza Kwanyar tetap melakoni latihan perdana di bulan Ramadhan, minggu sore (28/5). Para pemain terlihat lemas akibat seharian berpuasa. Namun hal itu tak mengendurkan semangat… 8 more words


Control vs. Prohibition (Ban on sale of cows for slaughter at livestock markets)

Human being primarily an animal, whose drives as directed in the direction of desires. When the desires are blocked, they become perverts. Animals other than human beings only have drives. 390 more words

2nd Semester Transcription

Here’s a part 2 to my eclectic agenda keeping! I was a little less consistent this semester, especially towards the end of the year. Nevertheless, I still find these little tidbits rather charming! 1,234 more words

Emotional Babbling