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Of Polygons and Clay

Nearly every NPC in Hitman has a name. Given the population density of some of its levels, this is astounding. Every patrolling guard, strolling pedestrian, and lounging socialite has been christened by a level designer, and placed within the game’s clockwork diorama. 653 more words

Game Design

Hitman Agent 47 (Movie) Review

Hitman Agent 47 is a 2015 Action movie made by 20th Century Fox loosely based on the videogame series. As someone that already knows that this is a letdown to anyone that likes the videogames I did try to distance it a little. 730 more words


RAMBLE Hitman: Hitting Men through Time and Space

There’s a particular piece of NPC chatter in the latest Hitman game that made me put down the controller for a minute or two and have a pleasant little think. 379 more words

Groundhog Day

Hitman Episode 5: Colorado Is Now Available

The first season of Square Enix’s 6 episode Hitman game is nearly complete with Chapter 5 now available. The new episode tasks Agent 47 with infiltrating a private militia training compound to take out 4 targets. 103 more words


Hitman Go (Android) -- Review

I normally write about new releases.  Hitman Go isn’t exactly new as it released back in 2014, but a recent sale from $5 down to $1 was enough to entice me.   800 more words


The Hitm'n - A Night at the Opera

It had started like any other job. Some Pablo-Escobar-wannabe in Chile and his son were in the coke trade together, and had stepped on the wrong people’s feet. 2,605 more words


Agent 47 2015 wallpaper 1600x900

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