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Hitman Absolution Review

This is a review I wrote last year for GiantBomb, but I just wanted to give everyone a preview of what to expect from my video game reviews, because I enjoy these the most. 915 more words


Film review round-up - September 2015

Biopic of west coast rap group NWA.

Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E and the gang that grew into the infamous 80s hip hop outfit, Niggaz With Attitude (NWA), are all here in a somewhat fluffy version of events that avoids many of the real controversies surrounding these talented, visionary but deeply flawed characters. 987 more words


Hitman: Agent 47

In the Hitman video games, the most prestigious ranking you can attain is that of “Silent Assassin”. Earning the moniker isn’t easy; to do so, Agent 47, the bald, bar-coded contract killer, must infiltrate a location undetected, eliminate his target anonymously and escape without a trace. 1,324 more words


5 Impactful scenes from 'Hitman: Agent 47'

Hitman: Agent 47’ has been one of the most anticipated movies of 2015! It is a film that has been eagerly awaited by every action junkie and gamer. 242 more words

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Hitman vs. Hitman: Agent 47

I recently watched Rupert Friend KICK ASS as Agent 47. I normally don’t fancy bald guys but wuuuh… bald Rupert Friend is VERY attractive. My faint memory of the first shot at a Hitman movie was… so bad, I had to re-watch it for confirmation. 453 more words


Video Game Movies Just Don't Feel Necessary Anymore

I used to be all about video game movies. I saw pretty much every one, no matter what, at the theater if I could. 1,141 more words

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Lets Call The Next Hitman Game What It Really Is - Early Access

Square Enix has gone on record and said that this game is not early access even though we’re not getting the full product on release day. 498 more words