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Let's Talk About Hitman

If you were to go back in time and tell me that one of my favorite games of 2016 was called Hitman, I’d likely have two reactions. 1,613 more words

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The Well Prepared Man

It’s not a stunningly original observation to note that videogame characters can carry more items than a real-life human can, but I just finished a fairly lengthy run of Hitman’s Sapienza level and the sheer amount of stuff Mr Hitman had on him at the end amused me. 816 more words


TGON Plays: Hitman (2016)!

Hitman: The complete first season (also known as Hitman (2016)) is a confusing game – especially if you haven’t played Hitman: Codename 47 and… 266 more words


Hitman Elusive Target #23 The Paparazzo Is Live

Elusive Target #23, The Paparazzo is now live in Paris. A briefing video is available online and in-game to help players determine the approximate location of the target. 245 more words

Review - Hitman: Agent 47

In the Hitman video games, the most prestigious ranking you can attain is that of “Silent Assassin”. Earning the moniker isn’t easy; to do so, Agent 47, the bald, bar-coded contract killer, must infiltrate a location undetected, eliminate his target anonymously and escape without a trace. 1,342 more words


Agent 47 Might Cross Paths With Pokemon Go In The Future

One of the main reasons why the Hitman game is a huge hit, is because it releases as a series of episodes instead of one huge game. 255 more words


Series Review: NETFLIX's Santa Clarita Diet

Sinon Bonjour les gens, et Bonne année 2017.

Ça fait un bout de temps je suis pas passé par ici. Et ma résolution pour la nouvelle année a été retardée par le fait que j’étais sans ordinateur pendant un bout de temps. 825 more words