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Hitman: Agent 47

Flesh Wound Only

Oh dear, the curse of the video game movie continues.

What we don’t need is a Hitman movie. What we do need is a Hitman TV series. 640 more words

Film Review

So I was totally right about the Hitman movie.

At the time of writing this, I’ve just gotten back from watching Hitman. I said in a previous article (about Hitman) that would not be watching/reviewing the newest… 1,104 more words


How nice to see you again, Agent 47

I’ve played pretty much all of the Hitman games (including Hitman Go the mobile game: It’s really, really good), the series featuring bald Agent 47 who has a barcode tattooed on the back of his head. 164 more words

August 31st

This Monday I have spent a lot of time driving oooOooo. I got up early to get to the range with my Mum and pick up some stuff from Caleb’s, I also bumped into Caleb’s parents, and I drove me and my Mum home, managed to reverse into the drive to make later journeys easier ahah. 210 more words


15 minutes of the new Hitman

Hitman is back and bad with the new footage, 15 minute length showing Agent 47 on a mission. 17 more words


《刺客任務》回歸次世代遊戲平台 新影片一睹電影級潛行刺殺

遊戲《刺客任務》(HITMAN)今年除了以電影《刺客任務:殺手47》(台)/ 《刺客特攻47》(港)回歸外,全新遊戲其實也正在開發得如火如荼當中。廠方剛釋出了最新的遊玩影片,介紹主角Agent 47不同的潛行刺殺玩法。當中的武器和刺殺元素依然精彩和多元化外,最吸引我的是大幅增強了的遊戲畫面,實在太像看電影!



Hitman: Agent 47, movie review

In the opening credits I saw this movie was based on a video game. And the movie plays out exactly like a video game. For the entire hour and half, I could almost see the assigned missions and goals given to the game player. 101 more words

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