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Turn-based trial and error assassinating with Hitman GO

The Hitman series and I have not exactly clicked over the years, which is strange, seeing as these are stealth-based games with multiple paths and ways to succeed, with one often using the environment or disguises to get jobs done than simply firing a bullet from a sniper rifle miles away. 570 more words


Fallout 4, a let's play playing as agent 47

This  a new let’s play series, where put myself in 47’s shoes if he turned up Fallout 4’s world. It is weird and it supposed to be weird, that’s why it is fun. 119 more words


Hitman: Agent 47

Military efforts to create the ultimate soldiers had lead to the creation of secret agents; assassins who were designed to be the ultimate weapons.  They do not allow emotions to cloud their judgement and instead are the ultimate killing machines.   354 more words

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Looking good, Agent 47, looking good

SquareEnix has released a new video for the upcoming Hitman game that’s titled, well, Hitman (although SquareEnix spells it HITMAN, which I’m not going to do). 33 more words

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'Hitman' (2016)

The brand new ‘Hitman’ game takes you into a massive world of assassination.

Io-Interactive and Square Enix have released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming Hitman game, showing off one of the game’s expansive levels. 229 more words


Movie Review: HITMAN: AGENT 47 (2015) - Dull and Boring, and NOT A HITMAN MOVIE

As we wait for the day where a good video game movie will fall from the heavens and on to our movie screens, we have to sit through pieces of shit like Hitman: Agent 47. 526 more words


Hitman Absolution Review

This is a review I wrote last year for GiantBomb, but I just wanted to give everyone a preview of what to expect from my video game reviews, because I enjoy these the most. 915 more words

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