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Hitman - An Autopsy

Ok so I bought this game as a digital copy because it was on sale, so it was like twenty quid for the whole lot and I felt like doing a review just for my own gratification. 1,153 more words

HITMAN - Review


There’s something very satisfying about killing people in games, isn’t there? Many of us play games such as Uncharted, Destiny and Witcher where we endlessly mow down an uncountable number of people, a lot of the time, without much care in how they are eliminated (other than those sweet, sweet headshots). 1,843 more words


Target Logic in Hitman

“Oh wow, you look whiter… Yes I will follow you to somewhere no one can see us!” 33 more words


Hitman (The Video Game) Gets a Comic Adaption and Origin in October

The Hitman video game franchise goes back to 2000 and with two different film adaptions, so the odds are at least even that you’ve heard of it. 210 more words


HITMAN: HOKKAIDO. Snow, Sake, and a spot of Surgeon simulator for agent 47

Really, I should have foreseen this coming, looking back at this it becomes increasingly obvious that he would betray us. Twenty years ago, I spurned him, showed him that he couldn’t keep me from my goal no matter how hard he made the tasks set before me. 2,383 more words

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HITMAN: 47 adventures into the heart of Thailand and it isn’t to enjoy the local cuisine

After all my complaints about Marrakesh and its lack of humidity I suppose it must be a poetic irony that the agency would assign me to Bangkok. 1,375 more words

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HITMAN: Sunshine, sand and a bit of brutal murder make for a great day trip

If I thought the heat was too much in Sapienza then I’ve really stuck myself in it now. At least in Italy there was some moisture in the air. 1,562 more words

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