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Hitman Go iOS Review: Making Sliding Puzzles Cool Again

Hitman Go is a puzzle game based around the Hitman series that effectively distances the player from all the gruesome bloodshed by turning everyone into game pieces. 843 more words


Hitman Go Review (iOS)

Hitman Go takes everyone’s favourite bald-headed assassin & drops him into a board game. It sounds like something that should fail on every level but is in fact an interesting & fun take on the Hitman franchise. 334 more words

The Disc


Video game film adaptations have been poor to say the least and with a rebooted Agent 47 film set to hit theaters soon it doesn’t seem like the trend is going to change, but then we were given the first photos of World of Warcraft and they are promising! 224 more words


Hitman: Chimera

(6.59 / Crime Fan Film) 2012

Cast: Richard Adam Reynolds, Lauren Parker, Evan Parker, Jay Lowe, Darren Maffucci, Jayne Hyman, Steve Askey, Lauren Marie

An untold story from Agent 47’s past. 661 more words

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'Hitman: Agent 47' Promo Explains What's Really Happening In 'Mad Men's Opening Credit Sequence

The series finale of Mad Men is just days away from airing and the team behind Hitman: Agent 47 gave the AMC show a little nod in the film’s new promo. 101 more words


Hitman Go is now available on Windows Phone.

On the 27th of April Square Enix announced the launch of Hitman GO for windows and windows phone. It will have supported Xbox live features and will cost you £3.89/$4.99/€4.99. 213 more words


My 5 Favorite Video Game Characters

Not all characters are created equal. Video game characters are like celebrities in their own right. They have their own fervent fans who love everything they do. 1,033 more words