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Series Review: NETFLIX's Santa Clarita Diet

Sinon Bonjour les gens, et Bonne année 2017.

Ça fait un bout de temps je suis pas passé par ici. Et ma résolution pour la nouvelle année a été retardée par le fait que j’étais sans ordinateur pendant un bout de temps. 825 more words

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Hitman: A World of Fumbled Assassinations

Hitman feels at its best when you don’t have things under control, when you’ve messed up and been spotted launching a fire axe into a guy’s skull. 482 more words


Hitman - Code-Name 47: The Review

Developers: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Plot: Agent 47 is a professional hitman employed by an agency to kill wealthy and decadent criminals. However, what secrets from his past will come back to haunt him? 1,041 more words


Hitman: The Complete First Season is Like Playing Through a James Bond Film

A decade since the acclaimed Hitman: Blood Money and a few years since 2012’s much maligned Hitman: Absolution, fans of this cult sandbox franchise have been hungry for a return to form. 823 more words


Of Polygons and Clay

Nearly every NPC in Hitman has a name. Given the population density of some of its levels, this is astounding. Every patrolling guard, strolling pedestrian, and lounging socialite has been christened by a level designer, and placed within the game’s clockwork diorama. 653 more words

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Hitman Agent 47 (Movie) Review

Hitman Agent 47 is a 2015 Action movie made by 20th Century Fox loosely based on the videogame series. As someone that already knows that this is a letdown to anyone that likes the videogames I did try to distance it a little. 730 more words