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Pandemic Simulations

Due to COVID-19 I have seen some infection simulations going around the Internet. Most popular (or what I have seen linked to the most) seems to be… 587 more words

Agent-based Modeling

Ant Colony Simulations


This is a simple example of an agent-based model that tries to emulate behavior of ants as they forage for food.

The basic principals of the simulation are; 562 more words

Agent-based Modeling


I first heard about Huegene after watching the following video from Dave Ackley.

Similarities to Wa-Tor

Huegene is similar to Wa-Tor with the following differences; 739 more words

Agent-based Modeling


Wa-Tor is a simulation of fish vs sharks in a toroidal wraparound world. It was devised by AK Dewdney in 1984 and published in Scientific American under the name “ 596 more words

Agent-based Modeling

Of Sea Anemones, dogs with dumbbells and crossing the A.I. chasm

Are your left brain dominant or right brain oriented? Are you analytical or creative? Are you logical or imaginative? Are women more right brained than left brained? 1,624 more words