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Fairweather Friends

Gloria Swanson, Lady Sylvia Ashley & Douglas Fairbanks at El Mocambo, 1930s

(WARNING: This posts contains extensive self-help quote-bombing)

Your value does not decrease based on someone else’s inability to see your worth… 479 more words

It's My Birfday

I’m gonna sip Bacardi like it’s my birfday! *dance*

Okay enough of that!

In addition to my new kindle and the super awesome kindle case… 197 more words


The Pie of Rejection

This is how I currently feel. No, I don’t feel like a pie.

I’ll go back to the beginning to put this into context.

When I began writing about vampires, I knew it would be a difficult field to write in for several reasons. 469 more words


The Art of Literary Rejection!

A few weeks ago I begin the querying process for my new book. For those who might not know, a query letter is basically a pitch for your book.  1,067 more words

I Am Author

Voice and Character Connectivity

I recently read a book. A well-crafted book written by an author I admire. And I didn’t love it.

I liked it. I powered through the whole book in a few days. 107 more words


Keep Performing

So let’s say you’re a majorette performing for your school’s final competition to qualify for the mother of all competitions. And things go wrong. Your baton gets stuck on the edge of your skirt.* A judge stands on the spot where you’re supposed to kick.** The drum major gets nervous and keeps time about twice as fast as you practiced.*** You just want to stop the performance and start all over again. 409 more words

Baton Twirling

'All Publishers Are Idiots!'

Imagine walking up to a stranger in the street… and asking for £1K.

“I’m going to the races,” you say. “When I come back I’ll have doubled or even tripled your money. 125 more words