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Further Proof We Do (Or Don't) Live In The Matrix

Apparently there is a group of people who sincerely believe that we all live in a real-life version of The Matrix.

That is, they think that humans participate in a computer simulation of reality when, in actuality, our bodies are somewhere else — perhaps providing energy to power robotic overlords who are fighting real humans¬†to the death, as in the movie. ¬† 263 more words


Society Has Awakened From The Collective Delusion Of The Television Age

The dominance of television has obviously ended in the early 21st century. People still watch television, but they will never again believe it the way they used to. 3,069 more words


Do you have a petty tyrant in your life?

About a week ago, this topic came up in a conversation between me and three friends. We all agreed that we had at some point or other had a petty tyrant in our lives. 614 more words